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July 23-24, 2005
Sterling Pond Shelter Construction

We lucked out this time and had beautiful weather this Saturday! Again we had great attendance with 19 total volunteers over the entire day. We moved 17 bags of concrete, each weighing 80 lbs. (See picture). Two people hauled a single bag by placing it on two poles which were tied with rope and the bag laid on the rope. We also brought up numerous buckets of water to mix with the cement, but first Ken led the bucket group to construct an approach into the pond with hemlock blocks which would later be used for a bog bridge on the Sterling Pond Trail.

Eric and Bill organized some workers for the excavation and exact placement of the four holes for the foundations for the corner posts. Forms were made and "big feet" placed for the concrete and a rebar was placed into the ground or drilled into rock at the center of each foundation.  Some other people worked on notching the corner posts to accept the horizontal LVL beams.

The young women caretakers Jordan and Megan came to help along with Diane and Jordan's sister, Ali. They concentrated on removed a stump in the way of the shelter (See picture). Later in the day, some volunteers carried the hemlock down the Sterling Pond Trail to replace an old bog bridge there. It was a great day, nice weather, and we accomplished a lot.

Duncan Wilkie

Bill and Eric

Two people carrying one 80-pound bag of concrete mix

Caretakers and family

The crew gathers for lunch

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