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June 21, 2005
Mt Hunger Summer Solstice Sunset Hike

Kimber, Lynne, Kay, Thomas, & Ed reached the summit of Mt Hunger via the Waterbury Center trail in time for the sunset. The hike up was hot, humid, and buggy, but the summit was breezy and almost chilly. We shared picnic goodies and imagined the sunset behind the thick clouds. The expected "residual daylight", if any, was also obscured by the clouds, so the way down was dark. The full moon wasn't much help, either, since it rose on the other (Middlesex) side of the hill. Visibility became so poor that we finally resorted to headlamps, and reached the parking lot about 10 PM.

Ed Loewenton

Summer Solstice Picnic on Mt Hunger

The Sun sets behind the Green Mountains - whether you can see it or not

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