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March 27, 2005
Mountain Road - Stowe - Smugglers' Notch

The ten-day forecast had indicated that Easter Sunday would be cool and wet, but as the week progressed the forecast improved. We actually had a bright sunny day with temperatures in the low 40's, with a gentle breeze.

Ken, Lynn, and Paul left Montpelier after 11 am, stopped at GMC in Waterbury Center to pick up Cynthia, and reached Barnes Camp at noon. We walked steadily and reached Smugglers' Notch after an hour. The road was snow-covered all the way, with one spot offering a view of asphalt at the edge of the road. The snow appeared to have been groomed. There was no need for snowshoes. After a pause for lunch, we walked down to the car.

Along the way we met many other people out to enjoy the fine spring day, several with dogs, skis, or both. We did see a few people walking up the road on snowshoes.

Ken Hertz

Paul, Cynthia, and Lynn at Barnes Camp (Photos by Ken Hertz)

Looking towards the Notch

Lynn and Cynthia at lunch

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