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Trip Reports
January 2, 2005
Mt. Elmore

We had an interesting and diverse group this day: Dave B and Carol D, section members; Patrick B, former member of the Vt National Guard Mountain Division and an experienced winter climber; and Ellen H. & Bill M., who had come from Washington, DC for the weekend to ski and were desperate for some outdoor activity, in the absence of any decent snow on the slopes. They were getting their first taste of winter hiking. Carol's very friendly dog came with us.

There was just a thin layer of compacted snow, so we walked up in plain boots. That was OK as far as the chimney, but the tower trail was impassible due to ice, so everyone took the walk-around that had already been established as a bushwhack trail. This route still required some skill and care, but we went slowly and even the newcomers got up and down with no trouble. Dave and I cheated: we used our crampons, and walked up the trail on the ice. Dave had brought a rope, which helped everyone get down the steep portion of the walkaround.

Ed Loewenton

Dave B, Bill M, Ellen H, Carol D (Photos by Ed Loewenton)

Patrick B; tower at upper right

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