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Trip Reports
December 26, 2004
Mt. Hunger, Middlesex Trail.

A little cloudy with occasional sun. The usual suspects showed up: Ed L & Paul D. I had been hoping for an icy surface to get some crampon practice in relatively safe & easy conditions, and certainly got my wish. There has been more extensive solid ice on typically icy trails this winter than any season I remember (e.g., Elmore tower), and in many spots it has neither melted nor been covered with the usual compacted layers of snow that eventually stick to the ice in most years, but has simply grown thicker. That little steep rock with the rope (which was buried) was a good chance to try about 12 feet of moderately steep ice.

The trip was uneventful. There were some short views despite the high clouds. The summit was a little too chilly and windy for lunch, so we ate on the way down. On the way down we met the only other people on the trail, dressed appropriately with crampons.

Ed Loewenton

Paul (Photos by Ed Loewenton)


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