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September 18, 2004
Walk Around the Hump

Last night's rain was ending as we departed Montpelier, and the clouds started to lift as we drove up Camel's Hump Road in Huntington Center. We had visions of a clear view from the summit. We parked at the foot of the Burrows Trail, signed in and took the connector down to the Forest City Trail.

We ascended the Forest City Trail at a good pace, and met absolutely no one until we reached Montclair Glen Shelter, where the caretaker was doing some housework. She recommended the Allis Trail, which recommendation we accepted. We paused at the David Morse bench and hoped for better views; we had not yet seen our shadows.

We followed the Allis Trail down to its junction with the LT and Dean Trail and headed down, stopping for lunch at the Hump Brook Tenting Area where there were at least two tent parties in evidence. We had started meeting other people on the trail, and that population increased as the day progressed.

After lunch, we walked up the Dean Trail and held a discussion at the Hut Clearing about going up to the summit. Several parties coming down told us that the clouds did not permit decent views, and we could see the clouds racing by with only small gaps in between them. We also heard thunder in the distance (or perhaps artillery from the firing range) so we decided to skip the summit, and went down the Burrows Trail back to our cars. We met many hikers going in the opposite direction - even a two year old who did not really need to hold onto his mother's hand.

Round trip from Montpelier took 8-plus hours.

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Ken Hertz

First Break - pausing on the Forest City Trail. Robert, Sara (with Sadie's leash) and Charlene. (Photo by Ken H.)

Sign for the David Morse bench on the Allis Trail

Ken checking the camera (Photo by Robert C.)

Sara and Charlene at the Morse Bench (Photo by Robert C.)

Mushrooms (Photo by Robert C.)

Berries (Photo by Robert C.)

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