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June 6, 2004
Work Hike- Special to work on Sterling Pond Shelter

This special work hike was for the Section to work on Sterling Pond Shelter and surroundings. We had 10 regular Section members, two from the GMC Headquarters (Dave and Quinn), and two girls (Jordan Leach and Lia VanDyke) who adopted the shelter with a girl friend (Hannah McNulty) and two parents (Diane Leach and Mike VanDyke). We broke up into the following groups:
   1)working on the roof of the shelter,
   2)working on the foundation,
   3)out-house group, and
   4)working on bog bridge replacement over the outlet to Sterling Pond.

The girls and parents helped find and move stones for the foundation of the out-house while others reconstructed the rotten bottom of the out-house. Another group was looking for and moving large stones for foundation of the shelter. By noontime, the roof of the shelter was finished, but we were short at least one roll of tar paper. GMC staffers cut down spruce trees for the new bog bridge and Section members helped out with moving the logs and getting them in-place at the Pond's outlet.

After lunch in the shelter, workers from the other groups help with jacking up the shelter and placing new foundation stones underneath. The shelter was slowing slanting down slope so there was considerable discussion and debate over how to level-off the shelter which wasn't level to begin with. Everybody had an opinion and a hand at this task, which proved to be quite entertaining. By the end of the day both the out-house and shelter had new foundations. The crew reached the tail head around 4:30 pm.

Duncan Wilkie

Lia and Jordan work on the outhouse. (Photos by Diane L.)
Bill and Eric on the shelter roof.
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