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May 16, 2004
Wildflower Hike

This hike was to look for flowers at the top of Lincoln Gap, where we found an unique colored Trillium which we named a special specie name in honor of the person who found it - "Trillium, jacobs". It was an off colored painted Trillium and first identified by Allen Jacobs. There are rare situations in which this happens, so we read in one wild flower book.

After searching the woods around Lincoln Gap which has many types of flowers, the hike went downhill sort of to the trail head for both Emily Proctor and Cooley Glen Trails. Here along the bank of the New Haven River we had lunch and then searched the woods for more flowers. However at this lower elevation many of the spring flowers had gone past their prime, so this hike was a little bit too late in the season for spring wildflowers.

All photos are by, and copyright by, Jane Walker Richmond. More of her photos are in the report from May 2.

Duncan Wilkie

Coltsfoot, one of the earliest flowers in the Spring

wild blackberry or raspberry

wild Iris

Some trilliums

Large white trillium, common to the Champlain Valley

Pink fringed or painted trillium, found here in the Mountains of Central Vermont. They come after the large white and the red trillium or stinky trillium. 

Albino white trillium

The newly found "Allen Jacobs" subspecie.
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