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July 25, 2002
Canoe Aziscohos Lake, Maine

We all drove independently to Molligewock Campground because of the distance. Arriving around 11:00 AM, we soon organized the camping facilities to leave room for camper trailers on one site, and tents on the other. The weather was hot and humid, and soon we were waiting out a short thunderstorm in a gazebo that was close by. The storm passed and we were off to run the five miles of the Androscoggin River above Pontook Dam. I noticed some quick water that I hadn't remembered, and warned every one of the problems that lay ahead before launching the boats. This stretch turned out to be about a mile long, with some scraping and bumping, but all ten boats made it through.

Soon the flat water was reached and we all settled down for a leisurely paddle. We were all holding our breath, hoping the osprey that hovered high above the water would dive for a fish. Soon a white object could be seen in the distance, which turned into a bald eagle as we approached. There were numerous sightings of mergansers with baby chicks. On the way back to the campsite, a bull moose was spotted by the side of the road. As we approached the campground, two red foxes were seen playing near the road. The next morning, with the sun and blue skies, we departed for Aziscohos Lake. The flotilla split into two groups. The wind was calm and the paddling easy. All enjoyed the sandy beach leisurely lunch spot, and the swim in the clear water.

After breaking camp Sunday morning, we drove to the southern put-in on Lake Umbagog. The wind was calm and skies clear as we explored the western shore for a few hours. This is a large lake with a few boats, but still a nice place to paddle.

All enjoyed the weekend with evening campfires, s'mores, marshmallows, and friendly conversation.

Nancy Jordan

Lunchtime on Aziscohos Lake, Maine
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