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Sunday December 6, 1998 Cross-Country Ski at Little River State Park by Nancy Schulz

Six people joined me for an outing at Little River State Park, which had been advertised as a ski tour. Unfortunately, the exceptionally warm weather in recent weeks guaranteed that we wouldn't see any snow. Nevertheless, we enjoyed walking the circuit of the Stevenson Brook and Hedgehog trails under such balmy conditions. Some excitement was provided as we picked our way across streams that no longer had bridges. We jumped from rock to rock and in one case some members of the group straddle a fallen tree trunk and shinnied along it. We stopped for lunch at the remains of the old saw mill. Half of the group ate amidst the remains and the other half ate stream-side. Along the way we passed numerous remains of the former settlement: cellar holes, wells, headstones, stone walls, sap buckets and rusted farm machinery. Our 4-hour excursion headed back to the dam at 4 P.M., just as the light was beginning to fade.

Nancy Schulz
Jeff Harvey
Reidun Nuquist
Andrew Nuquist
Jamie Cope
Ann Burcroff
Peg Reed

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