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June, 1998
Mansfield (West Side) via Halfway House and North Canyon

Underhill State Park (START) to Chin via Halfway House (A) trail to North Canyon Trail (B) and North Canyon Extension, cutoff to Ridge via Subway (C) , return via Sunset Trail by way of story (D) with side trip to Cantilever Rock (E).

Total time: 5.5 to 6 hours.

Rating: difficult and strenuous; some steep areas on halfway house, North Canyon trail is all rocks; return is easy, not steep.

Forehead is at right (seen from west side). It looks small because it is still several miles away.

(1) View from near the top of Halfway House Trail - Looking more or less West.

Near the top of Halfway House - we turn North here onto the Canyon Trail. Rock at top right is a good spot to sit and have a snack.

(2) Looking Northwest from North Canyon trail towards sunset Ridge.

(3) Looking back (South) along the North Canyon Trail.

(4) View from North Canyon Trail looking South.

(5) Looking ahead (North) on the North Canyon Trail.

(6) The Subway
Easy short-cut to the ridge. Proceeding further along North Canyon is a bit harder.

(7) Cantilever Rock
Caught between two huge boulders, this horizontal natural obelisk projects about 25 feet into space. It is possible to climb out onto it, by climbing to a narrow ledge on the poles provided each season by early climbers, then climbing a rope hanging out over the ledge to get to the top of an otherwise hard-to-climb smooth dome; then climbing through a cave formed by the two supporting boulders, and out onto the rock. This may be next to impossible for one climber; it probably takes two.

(I did this on a blind date in 1990, as the sun was setting; apparently an annual ritual of my female companion. She brought her 6-year-old son along, and we carried him up and down. I was young and crazy then, I suppose. E. L. )

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