Saturday October 7, 1995

Day Hiker's Long Trail Hike #5 - Codding Hollow to Rt. 118

Leader: Thomas Weiss

Three of us met at M.H.S and departed at 7:35 for Codding Hollow. We met Pat and Brenda on Rt. 109 at the Codding Hollow Road. With only two cars and five people, we drove to our destination and left Pat's car. We started hiking from the parking lot at Codding Hollow about 9:25. The weather was overcast and in the 50's. The higher elevations on our hike were in the clouds. The rock wall before the Laraway lookout was dripping water. Because the rock face tilts out in many places, we were hiking under the drips, dodging in and out to avoid them.. One place was like a shower with the shower head 20 or 30 feet above us. Because of the small group, we managed a pretty uniform pace. We lunched at Corliss Camp after traversing the spruce swamps on the top of Laraway Mtn. After that the trail got easier. The ascents and descents were shorter and more gradual. Because of the length of the hike and the length of the day, I kept checking time at points along the way (Laraway Lookout, Corliss Camp, Butternut Mtn (with nary a butternut to be found), Basin Brook, and Ritterbush Camp.) Two trail relocations (Codding Hollow andBowen Mtn.) had been made since the guidebook was published. We had a little time to spend in Devil's Gulch. It was overcast, damp and still. The blowdowns from a few years ago are not evident now. We took a short supper break at Ritterbush Camp and then moved on. It was getting dark in the woods, although still light enough to follow the markers. With the leaves on the ground a carpet of yellow, the white blazes were often the only way to follow the trail. It's good we got out before needing flashlights. Just as I finished signing out at the trailhead, there was a cloudburst and we ran for the car, 50' away. We finished at 6:00 p.m. The sunset was unusual. There was only a big red glow about twice the size of the sun. at one point it was only 1/2 visible on the side of a hill and looked almost like a big fire on the hill. We dropped Pat and Brenda at our start at Codding Hollow. The three of us got back to M.H.S. at 8:00.