Sunday September 3, 1995

Day Hiker's Long Trail Hike #4 - Rt. 118 to Rt. 58

Leader: Thomas Weiss

This was another great hike. The sky was clear and the views from the fire tower onBelvedere were fantastic. We lunched at Belvedere, took a mid-afternoon break at Tillotson Camp, regrouped at Haystack Peak, descended to Hazen's Notch.

At the start seven hikers crowded into the back of a pickup truck the few miles from the Eden General Store to the trailhead, so we could spot all of the other cars (but one) at Hazen's Notch. The 11-mile hike (with side trips and breaks) took about eight hours. The two Germans called me a week and a half before the hike to see if there was still space available. One had been an exchange student in Kansas and they were visiting her host family five years later. They took the train from Kansas City to Plattsburgh with a side trip tp Niagara Falls. Then the ferry across Lake Champlain. afterwards they went to Boston and N.Y.C. We joked about forming a Bavarian chapter of the GMC.