Sunday July 9, 1995

Day Hiker's Long Trail Hike #2 - Rt. 242 to Jay Peak to Rt. 105

Leader: Thomas Weiss

What a great hike. After a bit of confusion meeting in Jay,I decided to hike a sone group. We spotted cars. The main part of the group started immediately and the spotters about 20 minutes later. The day started cool with light rain. By the time we reached the top of Jay Peak, the spotters caught up with the rest of the group. Jay Peak was in the clouds (over) with a strong wind and cool (in the 50s). After a rest at the peak we continues north. We lunched in a ski trail on the north slope. By then the clouds were gone and we had a great view of Jay Peak and the valley of the Upper Missisquoi River. The rest of the day was mostly clear with views from various peaks and outlooks. We took breaks at Laura Woodward shelter and Shooting Star shelter, and at other points. The hike lasted about 7 hours. Including breaks, this was close to the travel time in the Guide Book.