Sunday, June 25 -- Day Hiker's Long Trail Hike # 1 - Rt. 105 to Canadian Border

Leader: Thomas Weiss

The hike was a great start to the section's end-to-end. All of us hiked from Rt. 105 to the border monument at the end of the Long Trail. On the way, there's only the one lookout (Carlton Lookout), which we all visited. The view toward Jay Peak showed most of the route of then ext hike in the series. I gave a number of spot quizzes along the way and at the end. Two of them were who has a compass and who had water left at the end of the hike. After lunch almost all the hikers chose to hike out the Journey's End Trail. Reidun agreed to lead that section. The four who hiked back to Rt. 105 borrowed enough keys that we could each drive a car to pick up the main group. We met them at the Starr Farm on the dirt road from Jay to North Troy. (Andrew, Brenda, Ellen and I were the four.) On the way home, five of us stopped at Lake Eden to swim (Marilyn, Bob, Mary, Joanne S, and I). The spot quizzes: compass whistle guidebook or map First Aid kit cold weather gear extra footwear matches water left at end food left at end