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Web Calendar

Helpful information is accessed from the narrow green bar You need a login ID to enter (propose) new events.

This login ID is independent of the Mailing List user ID.
The log-in button is at the right. (more help)

Mailing Lists

We maintain several mailing lists. To subscribe, submit your email address on the mailing list page then respond to the message we send you. You will receive postings from all other subscribers via email. To post a message, send email to the mailing list's email address, as shown in the list description on that signup page. Posting is limited to list subscribers and those we authorize. All messages are checked for spam. Contact the website to post from a different account than you receive messages. Use the same link to unsubscribe and view archives of previous messages.

Only List members are allowed to send mail to the List. A "member" in this sense is just an email address. You can have several email addresses in the List, allowing you to send mail from each one, and you can tell List to deliver mail to only one of those addresses.
To join the List, or add another email address, use Subscribing to Gmcmontpelier-list. (more help) At Gmcmontpelier-list Subscribers you can change your email address, see other List users, and set various List options.

Submit a Trip Report

This online form is used by most people, but you can still get the old hard-copy Trip Report Form at Trips->Forms. You could also send the whole report as an email to
Be sure to complete all the fields: Date of trip, Name of trip, etc. I like to compose the write-up and people-attending in a text editor, and then copy-and-paste into the Form. (more help)


This collection was built to celebrate the Section's 50th anniversary, in 2005. It has been updated since then. It contains

  • all known, scheduled events
  • all known section officers
  • section info from the Long Trail News
  • info on using the Vermont Historical Society to find section information
  • a little bit of our history
(more help)

Tablet computers, using 'gestures'

Tablets are computers with a 'touch user interface' on a 'touchscreen'. Examples: iPad (Apple), Galaxy (Samsung), Android operating system (Google), Kindle (Amazon), Nook (Barnes and Noble).
This table describes how this website has been adapted to work on tablets. It does not attempt to cover the general use of tablets.

ActionWhat you want to doHow to do itMouse equivalent
SelectFollow a 'link' to another pageTap on the linkClick
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Select a pull-down suboptionSelect then Dropdown
Other options with the linkTouch and holdRight-click (context menu)
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