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Young Adventurers Club

The YAC is a group of the Montpelier Section of the Green Mountain Club to get parents and kids 0-10 years old outdoors, to hike, play, learn, and make friends.

Join us!

Because little kids don't always like driving long distances, we'll keep the activities local. Adventures will be regular, so that families can plan around them, and led by fellow parents.

Most adventurers will meet at 10AM. If you want to participate in an adventure, please contact the adventure leader ahead of time. Make sure to bring adequate snacks and clothing. Little adventurers can get pretty chilly sitting still in a pack or sled, so be prepared!

If you want to lead an adventure, email

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Adventure Schedule YAC events appear as part of the regular events calendar.

Past Adventures and Reports These reports appear as part of the regular Reports page, starting with the 2006
December 9 - KICKOFF! - Paine Mountain Hike & Cocoa Slurp

Guidelines of the YAC
Trips are primarily intended for kids 0-8 years old and their old people, although everyone is welcome
Given increased parental involvement, YAC may expand to offer adventures for 7-12 year olds
Safe fun in the outdoors is the most important goal
Adventures will be modified to make the difficulty level appropriate for participants, so its fun
Parents need to know their kid's level of interest and ability
There will be snacktime
Older kids are encouraged to be mentored by experienced adults into taking leadership roles
No dogs please
There is no charge to participate

All kids will receive an Adventure Journal to keep track of the cool things they've done and seen
We now have two age levels of trips. "Y" trips are specifically intended for younger kids (age 0-4), but all ages are welcome on all trips.

Difficulty Scale
Kids Easy - short, flat walks good for most kids able to walk
Kids Medium - hikes up to five miles good for motivated 4-6 year olds and parents willing to carry their kid
Kids Difficult - hikes on trails with rough footing or steady elevation gain, overnights

Guidelines for Leaders
Before each trip:
Talk to parents and make sure they know the plan
Review trip plan maps, etc.
If available parking at the trailhead is limited, insist that participants contact you ahead of time (don't send directions to the e-mail list)
Get adventure journal stamp, extra adventure journals, and trip schedules to give out

During each trip:
Make sure people sign in, so we can keep track of participation. Please ask how folks heard about YAC
Mention that YAC is part of the Green Mountain Club, and encourage membership
Make sure folks have adequate food and clothing
Make sure parents have adequate expectations for what their kids can accomplish
Feel free to alter the trip itinerary to suit the particular participants
Above all: HAVE FUN!

After each trip:
File a Trip Report

A Sampling of Adventures
Leaders, use this list as a source of inspiration!

Bike trailer ride to Wrightsville Reservoir or the Shady Rill picnic area
Bikes and wheelies on the Montpelier Bike Path

Introduction to canoe paddling at Wrightsville Reservoir, BBQ at the beach
Explore wildlife from your canoe at Peacham Pond
Marshfield Dam Reservoir canoe/swim
Canoe and snacks at Lake Elmore

Snuffle for black bears at Vermont Fish & Wildlife The item (Middlesex, optional search for Owlshead Mountain)is no longer there
Bagluck lunch and cocoa at Taylor Lodge, from Nebraska Notch
Swamp monsters at Chickering Bog
Hardwood Flats hike, Elmore
Spring wildflower hunt towards from Jonesville towards Duck Brook Shelter
Spring wildflower hunt towards the Duxbury Window on the Long Trail
Weissner Woods, Stowe, loops 1.1-1.6 miles, good skiing too
Forest tramp to Eagle Ledge, Worcester
Explore Kettle Pond in Groton State Forest, 3 miles
Stroll on East Montpelier trails
Big Deer Mountain in Groton State Forest, 4 miles
Irish Hill in Berlin
Mt. Elmore, shorter version goes just to the Beaver Pond Trail
East Montpelier Town Forest in Adamant
Visit the animals at Morse Farm
North Branch River Park
Hubbard Park
Orc hunting at Millstone Hill, Barre ($5 fee)
City ramble in Barre followed by lunch at LACE
Spruce Mt, Plainfield
Bald Hill, next to Spruce Mt.
Round Top Hill, next to Spruce Mt, Plainfield
Little River State Park
Allis State Park, firetower and trails
Cotton Brook, Stowe
Bingham Falls, Stowe
Sterling Pond
Owl's Head in Groton State Forest
White Rocks
Paine Mountain, Northfield
Mount Cushman, Rochester
Stowe Pinnacle
Moss Glen Falls, Stowe
Nichols Ledge, Hardwick (after peregrine falcon nesting season)
Burnt Rock Mountain, Fayston

Fun with skis and/or sleds, Smugglers' Notch
Fun with skis, Morse Farm

Overnight to Beaver Meadow Lodge, Stowe
Overnight to Duck Brook Lodge
Summer camp at the Wheeler Pond Camps

YACish Links
Long Trail Activity Book [Page not found on new GMC web site, March 2016]
Nature Rocks
REI's PEAK program for youth
Trips for Kids, Charlotte, NC
Fit Family and Fit & Pregnant books article on Hiking with Children
ADK Kids on the Trail challenge forum on Families and Riding with Kids
Valley Quest and info on how to make fun treasure hunts

Good Books
Cradle to Canoe: Camping and Canoeing with Children
Fit Family: The Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Years


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