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Barre       Back to Top
Millstone Trails Association up in Barre Town offers a number of trails, some through the old quarries. There may be a fee.
Berlin       Back to Top

We have often walked around Berlin Pond, sometimes with very large groups. Length about 6 miles. The parking area at the Pond is small, so groups can meet at the nearby Park & Ride, and carpool over to the Pond. The first scheduled walk was back in 1963, led by Dot Babcock.
Burlington       Back to Top
Burlington Bike Path. Echo Center to the Colchester municipal line across the Winooski River bridge and return. 10 miles round trip.
Starting at the UVM campus, walk to Intervale and then along the Winooski River. Cross the highway into Ethan Allen Park, then down the bikepath and finally back to the car. 8 miles.
Centennial Woods Natural Areas and nearby Winooski. Both wooded and urban terrain.
Visit ECHO in Burlington and walk along the Burlington Bike Path.
Cabot       Back to Top
Scenic loop in Cabot, along Cabot Rd, North Camp Rd, North Rd, and Colts Pond Rd. 6 miles.
Calais       Back to Top
Starting at Maple Corner and including Robinson Hill, Bliss Pond, and Old West Church. The walk is described in Nicole Grubman's 2013 book, "I Left my Sole in Vermont: A Walker's Journey and Guide Through Central Vermont Back Roads." 6 miles.
Start at Maple Corner. Go by Robinson Cemetery,Gospel Hollow, Kents' Corner, and the Robinson saw mill
Start (near Maple Corner) at Curtis Pond spillway and walk Worcester Road, Curtis Pond Road, County Road, Dugar Brook Road, Apple Hill Road, Robinson Cemetery Road, Ken Hill Road, County Road and back to Worcester Road. 7 miles.
The walk takes Factory Street, Tucker, Lightening Ridge, and Gray Roads. 3.5 miles.
Number 10 Pond to Cranberry Meadow Road and back.
Start at No. 10 Pond and follow Foster Hill, Dog Pond, Tebbets, Chartier Hill, and Nelson Pond Roads. 6.2 miles.
Walk around No. 10 Pond and Forest Lake. 5 miles.
Chelsea       Back to Top
Start at South Common, walk up Maple Avenue to the snow machine trail and follow it around to Bobbin Shop Road. Up Bobbin Shop to the top of Beacon Hill, then down Beacon Hill Road back to the village. 6 miles.
Craftsbury       Back to Top
Village Walk, Craftsbury Common.
East Montpelier       Back to Top
Start at the Adamant Co-op and take Adamant Rd, Tucker Rd, Guyette Rd, Snow Hill Rd, Putnam Rd, and Phineas Rd. 9 miles.
Walk around Sodom Pond. Start at the Adamant and take Sodom Pond Rd, Sibley Rd, and Center Rd. 5 miles. Walk around Sodom Pond.
A figure eight, starting at Sparrow Farm on North Street in Montpelier: From Sparrow Farm, head north on North Street; turn Left onto Horn of the Moon Road; turn right onto the second crossing of Sanderson Circle. Follow that around as it crosses Horn of the Moon Road and becomes Jacobs Road. Follow that to Hill Road, where you turn left and proceed back to the starting point. The walk provides a nice mix of woods and farmland with views.
Start at Calais Elementary School. Walk on Lightening Rd; turn down Tucker Rd, go left onto Factory St, and then take Gray Rd back up to Lightening, near the starting point. 4 miles.
Sodom Pond and neighborhood, often starting at the Adamant Co-op. Here's one loop: Sodom Pond Rd - Sibley Rd - Center Rd. 4 miles.

East Montpelier Trails -- many variations. You can walk back the same way, or walk around on town roads.
From Sparrow Farm in East Montpelier. Sparrow Farm Rd - Jacobs Rd - Horn of the Moon Rd - North St. 5 miles.
Murray, Bliss, and Brazier Roads. 6 miles.
Begin at Doty Cemetery. Center Loop plus the Fours Corners Extension. This walk, from Nicole Grubman's book "I Left My Sole in Vermont," is fairly flat, through peaceful countryside. 8 miles.
Bliss and Brazier Roads, and Center and Towne Hill Roads. 6 miles.
Horn of the Moon Road, Jacobs Road, and North Street
Essex       Back to Top
Historical walk in town of Essex NY
Fayston       Back to Top
Loop starts at North Fayston cemetery, follows Randell Road, Center Fayston Road, and returns via North Fayston Road. 4 miles, some hills.
Greensboro       Back to Top
Groton State Park.
Start at New Discovery ranger station, walk on gravel road to Peacham Pond. 4 miles.
Nature walk
Kettle Pond. 3.5 miles. Optional extension: walk up the road about a mile, hike to Owl's Head, another mile. Total: 7 miles.
Walk in Groton State Forest.
Wildflower Walk exploring trails in New Discovery, Big Deer, and Osmore Pond. 5-6 miles.
Walk on dirt and paved roads around beautiful Caspian Lake. 7 miles.
Hancock       Back to Top
Texas Falls Interpretive Trail, LT Burnt Hill Trail loop
Middlesex       Back to Top
History road walk along Rte. 100B to visit two former hydro electric power plant sites, and a third site still in operation. 4-6 miles
Bear Swamp Loop. East Bear Swamp Road to South Bear Swamp Road to North Bear Swamp Road and return. 6 miles.
Start at Rumney School. Follow Story Road, West Hill Road, Macey Road, Shady Rill and back to the school 6 miles.
Start at Rumney School. Walk up East Bear Swamp Road, to North Bear Swamp Road, then to Chase Road and Storey Road, back to the starting point. 5 +/- miles.
East Hill Road to Rte. 2 via Barnett Hill Road. Car Spot required. 6 miles.
The earlier walk turned out to be very much the same thing - once Brock's Camp was found.
  Susan Clark, Town Moderator in Middlesex, found Brock's Camp in “Middlesex in the Making” town history by Sarah Seidman and Patty Wiley.
  Then Patty Wiley provided this description: Brock's Camp Road appears to have been a private dead-end road that is now a private driveway on Upper Barnett Hill Road. The walk described started at the base of this driveway and proceeded to the end of Upper Barnett Hill Road, then along a discontinued stretch of the road, and then hooked up with Lower Barnett Hill Road and on down to Route 2.
Montpelier       Back to Top
North Branch Nature Center.Walk along the river, picnic, and other adventures with young 'uns.
Walk over Montpelier's Eight Different Bridges over the North Branch River. 5 miles.
Down Hill Road from Sparrow Farm to Jacobs Road to Horn of the Moon Road and back to North Street.
From the State House, climb the trail up to the Hubbard Park tower, then walk over to St. Augustine's Cemetery,
Horn of the Moon loop.
From the swimming pool walk up a North Branch trail toward the Sparrow Farm. Go around Sparrow Farm out to Gould Hill Road and follow Gould Hill Road down to Route 12. Go past the gardens of the North Branch Nature Center and follow the trail back to the beginning. 3 miles.
Morse Farm trails.
Montpelier Heritage

Hubbard and North Branch Parks
Siboinebi Path
Built in 2020, the paved path extends the old path (which starts near the high school) to run near Barre St up to the Pioneer St bridge, and then stays north of the river until it ends at Gallison Hill Rd. The map is from trailfinder.
Out Terrace Street to Middlesex. 5-8 miles.
Morristown       Back to Top
Start at the covered bridge on Sterling Valley Road in Morristown. Cole Hill Rd - Chafe Rd - Ross Hill Rd - Ron Terrill Rd - Bullnose Run Rd and on to the snack stop at Sterling Falls gorge.
Mud City Loop (actual name of the road) Start at the end of Beaver Meadow road.
From Vermont Life's Vermont Walks: Village and Countryside, Walking Tours of Forty-three Vermont Villages and their Surroundings. Hyde Park to Morristown Corners. 5 miles.
Northfield       Back to Top
Walk the length of Turkey Hill Road and return. Enjoy the views. 6 miles.
Start up Winch Hill Rd, then take a series of unnamed class 4 roads through quiet woods. This eventually brought us to Messier Hill Rd which led into Bull Run Rd. The cars had been left at its base.
Orange       Back to Top
An assortment of Class 4 and dirt roads. Start on Emery Road, continue to Woodchuck Hollow, and then return via Notch Road and the Notch Trail.
Peacham       Back to Top       Also see Groton State Park under Greensboro

Road walks partly on the Bayley-Hazen Military Road. 5 or 6 miles.
Plainfield       Back to Top
Starting from downtown Plainfield, head out East Hill Rd.Turn up Bean Rd till you reach Maple Hill Rd, where you turn left. Follow Maple Hill Rd back to Main St. 9 miles.
Shelburne       Back to Top
Shelburne Farms. This was s road, fields, and woods walk. The landscape designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. 7 miles.
Visit the lovely and unique ecosystems described in the Nature Conservancy Guide Places to Walk, Paddle and Explore in Vermont. Walk in Williams Woods Natural area.
StJohnsbury       Back to Top
Walk thru town admiring the architecture. Climb out of town for a view of the valley (and the interstate highway). Return to town and stroll thru the Athenaeum's art gallery. 3.5 miles.
Stowe       Back to Top
Cotton Brook. Turn from VT-100 onto Moscow Rd and follow it past Nebraska Valley Rd; it becomes Cotton Brook Rd. There are a couple of parking areas. You can walk along Waterbury Reservoir or along Cotton Brook Road, which goes up several miles. You cannot walk on the trails that have been devastated by landslides.
Smugglers' Notch. Drive up the Mountain Road (VT-108) to Barnes Camp. You can park there in the winter; in the summer you can go a bit further to the picnic area and all the way up to the Notch. In the winter, you can walk up the road, perhaps needing snowshoes or skis. In the summer there are good trails to follow.

Stowe Rec Path (also known as Bike path). There are several parking areas and starting points, and the Path crosses VT-108 several times.
Wildflower Hike in the Cotton Brook section of Mt. Mansfield State Forest.
Tunbridge       Back to Top
Start at the Fairgrounds and walk through some of the covered bridges. The route: From the Town Clerk's Office walk up Potash Road, down Town Farm Road, cut across Cushman Road and turn right to meander down Howe Lane. At the Cilley covered bridge, head out onto a farm road and follow the snow machine trail around the perimeter of the fairgrounds to the Howe covered bridge, and back to the cars. The walk was around 5 miles.
Waitsfield       Back to Top       Also see Warren
Mad River Greenway, a natural mowed path with a slightly worn single or double track trail, mostly beside the Mad River. A short road walk goes through the Pine Brook covered bridge. 5 miles.
Follow Joslin Hill, Brook and Common Roads. 4-miles.
Flat stroll on the Mad River Greenway. Start at the Tremblay Road parking lot and walk east for three miles, then return. 6 miles round trip.
Fayston Hills. Class 4 dirt roads, Phen Basin trails, and a beaver pond.
And: Center Fayston Road, Kew Vasseur Road, and Bragg Hill Road. One way - need to spot a car at the other end.
Warren       Back to Top       Also see Waitsfield
Start in Warren village, head up the steep Freeman Road/Dump Road, cross Airport Road and East Warren Road, then turn on to Senor Road, high on the hillside, before it returns to the village via the steep Fuller Hill Road. 7.5 miles.
West Hill loop. Start in Warren village, go up Lincoln Gap road, then turn right onto West Hill Road, and follow it back down to the Mad River and the village. 5 miles.
Another Warren loop, but 7.5 miles. Start in Warren village. Go out Fuller Hill Rd, turn left onto Plunkton Rd (which becomes Brook Rd). Turn left onto Airport Rd (which becomes Dump Rd). It merges into Brook Rd and goes back to Main St in the village.
Washington       Back to Top
This 9 miles loop includes a quarter mile on VT-110. Start in the village and head out W. Corinth Rd. Turn right onto Pepper Rd, right onto Clay Side Rd, and sharp right (almost a U-turn) onto Hart Hollow Rd. Just before reaching VT-110 that merges into Turnpike Rd. Turn right onto VT-110 and return to the starting point.
Start at the junction of the West Corinth Road and Pepper Road, head south on Pepper Rd to Roberts Road, east on Roberts Road, north on White Hill Road and west on Jail House Road back to Pepper Road. 9 miles. [I cannot find Roberts Road, and White Hill Road on the Google map.]
Waterbury       Back to Top
Waterbury Center Loomis Hill Road loop. Start on Loomis Hill Rd, by the Maple Street Cemetery. Turn right onto Valley View Rd, then right onto Shaw Mansion Rd. Right onto Kneeland Flats Rd, right onto Guptil Rd, and finally turn right at Maples St. 5.3 miles.
Woodward Hill, in the Little River area. 6 miles. See the map and description from GMC's Day Hiker's Guide.
At the base of Hunger Mtn. 6+ miles.
The maps show two versions: east (Middlesex) and west (Waterbury Center.)
Little River State Park - History Trail. 2+ miles.
Waterbury Village. Start at the railroad station, home to the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Two choices now.
  (1)Turn left at Main St and follow it (VT-100) across the river. Turn right onto Duxbury's Main St, which becomes River Rd. Follow that up to the Winooski Street bridge. Cross the bridge and turn right onto the Cross Vermont Trail, which leads you State Drive and some Vermont state offices, back to Main St near the starting point.
  (2)Take that Trail directly to the bridge, cross the bridge and walk a bit along River Rd in either direction, then turn around, recross the bridge and return to your starting point.
  The Trip report mentions Hope Cemetery, which is in Barre, so I don't know what's meant. The Cross Trail in Waterbury is described here.
GMC Headquarters. Walk the trails behind the headquarters, including a historic shelter.
Woodbury       Back to Top
Start at Woodbury's Cranberry Meadow Road intersection with Log Town Rd.Head south on Cranberry Meadow Rd; turn left at Chartier Hill Rd, right on King Pond Rd, right on Foster Hill Rd. Once past Mirror Lake, turn right onto Nelson Pond Rd, then left at Bayne Comolli Rd. When you reach Dugar Brook Rd, it's on your left and straight ahead. Go straight. Follow Dugar to West Country Rd and follow it to Town Hwy 40/ Cranberry Meadow Rd on the right. Follow it back to your car.
Worcester       Back to Top
Hancock Brook. Walk up and down the road. (snowshoes in winter) 3 miles round trip.
Circumnavigate Dumpling Hill. Start at Rumney School. Go up Shady Rill, right at Story Rd, right at West Hill Rd (where Story Rd becomes Nellie Chase Rd) Follow West Hill up to MacKenzie Rd, which you follow down; it becomes Wood Rd, which reaches Shady Rill. Turn right to get back to Rumney School. 6 miles.