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Sources include published outing schedules, the Long Trail News (LTN), Trail Talk, and submissions to this web site.

All images shown here were copied from the archives of the Vermont Historical Society.
LTN vv n is used as an abbreviation for The Long Trail News Volume vv Number n; The Long Trail News is published by The Green Mountain Club.


LTN XLX 1 February 1990

The Honorary Life Member category was established by Club members at last year's annual meeting.

Harry Peet resigns as Executive Director.

Montpelier Section member (and co-chair for Trails and Shelters) Brenda Clarkson redesigned the Club's database and helped convert over to it.

Wiley Lodge Burns
   "On the morning of November 2, 1989, two employees of the State Forest, Parks and Recreation department discovered the burning remains of Wiley Lodge in Camel's Hump State Park.  It is suspected that the fire, which leveled the twenty-seven year old lodge, was caused by illegal installation and use of a woodstove in the building.
   "The section of the Long Trail where Wiley was located will be rerouted now that the lodge no longer exists.  The new route will result in a shorter hike through Honey Hollow.  The permanent route of the trail in this area is dependent on the eventual path it will take through the Winooski valley.  Once the route becomes finalized, sites for a replacement for Wiley Lodge will be considered.  Check future issues of The Long Trail News for trail updates in this area.
   "Wiley Lodge was originally constructed as a Green Mountain Club exhibit at the Button Bay, Vermont Girl Scout roundup in 1962 and was reassembled on the Long Trail north of Camel's Hump in 1964.  It was named for William O. Wiley of the New York Section."

(Photo caption)
   "Montpelier Section members Dave Morse (left), Ann Burcroff (center) and Andy Nuquist (back) volunteered as hike leaders for the Long Trail protection Fund reception at Smuggler's Notch in October..."

LTN XLX 2 May 1990

Frederic Preston of Wellesley Massachusetts is named new Executive Director of the GMC.

Montpelier Section News
   "A well attended annual meeting was held on March 30 at Christ Church in Montpelier.  Section Treasurer Peter Downey chaired the business portion of the meeting after members enjoyed a pot luck supper of tasty gourmet dishes and desserts.
   "Section members approved the by-laws as proposed and printed in the January issue of the Montpelier Section newsletter.  A budget was approved which included a modest increase in dues and expressed strong support for the Long Trail Protection Fund and the caretaker program.
   "The officers elected for the upcoming year are Reidun Nuquist, President; Jim Kellogg, Vice-president; Peter Downey, Treasurer; Barbara Slayton, Secretary; Brenda Clarkson, Director to 1993; Andy Nuquist, Director to 1992 and Dave Shepard, Trails and Shelters Coordinator.
   "Reidun Nuquist reported that some of the activities other than the more difficult trail hikes have been drawing a lot of interest.  She hopes that anyone having suggestions for other activities will attend the planning meeting on May 7.
   "Dave Shepard outlined a few problems on the Section's trail, Elephant's Head Trail, and around Sterling Pond that should be studied with a possible short relocation.
   "Following the business meeting, Doris Washburn showed excellent slides of her trip to Alaska last summer.  Doris drove up on the Alaska Highway and came back partly by ferry.  She then drove through Banff, Yellowstone and the Tetons.  Anyone considering such a trip could get a lot of advice from her.
   "                                                                      by Dave Morse"

LTN L 3 August 1990

Montpelier Section News
   "Trails and Shelters Coordinator Dave Shepard reports that spring walk-throughs were conducted on all the trails for which the section is responsible.  These include the Long Trail from Smugglers' Notch to Chilcoot Pass, the Elephant's Head Trail, and the Bamforth Ridge Trail on Camel's Hump.  Brenda Clarkson led a group of 12 volunteers on a work hike to the latter: work involved clearing blow-downs, trimming brush, and cleaning out waterbars.
   "The second work session on May 12 saw 15 workers treated to a hearty breakfast of coffee, eggs, pancakes and toast at the picnic area in Smugglers' Notch before they set out to work on the trails.  Cooks included breakfast organizers Harlan and Esther Farnsworth, Andy Nuquist, and Doris Washburn.
   "Section canoeists have had a busy spring.  Dave Morse's April 29 trip on the Missisquoi River saw 28 paddlers put-in two miles west of Swanton.  Dave writes, "As we reached the Missisquoi Bay, we could see white caps and decided that, with the size of our group of three kayaks and ten canoes, it was not sensible to go out around the open lake to the Dead Creek as planned.  We circled Shad Island and ate lunch in our canoes where we could watch the great blue heron colony."
   "Five people in three canoes joined leader Andy Nuquist for a June 3 trip on the Poultney River between Carver Falls and Whitehall, N.Y.  This was new territory for the leader who found the "muddy water and high banks" somewhat less attractive than he had hoped.
   "After a picnic supper, beaver sighting and sunset watching were the main events of the evening for 12 canoeists at Wrightsville Reservoir.  Most section outings are scheduled for weekends but this mid-week venture in mid-June at a location close to Montpelier proved to be popular.
   "Section president Reidun Nuquist has been getting pretty good response from a survey mailed recently to the section's 233 members.  The questionnaire is designed to encourage more member participation in section activities and is available from Reidun at 29 Bailey Avenue, Montpelier, 05602.  Look for a report of the results in a future issue of The Long Trail News.
   "                                                                      by Priscilla Page"

LTN L 4 November 1990

A committee was formed to research the Club's needs and develop corresponding site selection criteria, to provide more space and visibility for the Club's headquarters.

Montpelier Section News
   "Section members spent a busy summer and early fall traveling to places as diverse and as distant as Norway, Austria, and Glacier National Park, and as near and familiar as the Adirondacks, the White Mountains, sections of the Long Trail and Intersectional.  As usual weather affected the outcome of our planned local activities and as usual we cancelled a few due to rain.  Hikers reported that the summit of Moosilauke was very cold on September 16 and that it was very hot climbing Noonmark on August 18.  However, a participant on the Lamoille River canoe trip from Johnson to Jeffersonville reported that it was "perfect" - clear water, good swimming and fair skies.
   "Twenty-two hikers and one dog joined leader Jim Kellogg for a fine September outing from Damon's Crossing to Bog Pond in the Victory Basin area northeast of North Concord.  It was an introduction for most of us to the geography and history of an unfamiliar area.
   "Parts of the trail were described as "flooded wetlands" and it lived up to our expectations.  About a half-mile of very wet walking, even though those of us adept at the "bog-paddle" or the "bog-trot", succumbed to wet boots. We abandoned our fancy footwork and sloshed gamely through the water and mud.
   "An abandoned railroad bed provided welcome dry terrain and a place to stop for lunch.  Jim, a native of the area, spoke about the logging history and recommended Gordon E. Hopper's Victory Branch Railroad of Vermont; a spirited lumbering line that helped the Northeast (Heimburger House, River Forest, IL, 1989).
   "According to Hopper, logging in the area began as early as 1830 but the development of the lumber industry occurred with the construction of the railroad between 1881 and 1885.  The Victory Branch, an 11-mile extension of the St. Johnsbury and Lake Champlain Railroad, ran between North Concord and Granby, and served basically as a logging railroad with "passenger service as a minor function."  After the lumbering boom at the turn of the century and the gradual closing down of the sawmills, the railroad fell into disuse and was discontinued north of Damon's Crossing by 1906.
   "We explored the ruins of the Bog Point sawmill built in 1882 and which operated until 1900.  Even on a sunny day the spot seemed isolated and forlorn; with so little evidence remaining, it was difficult to imagine when the nearby settlement "included 20 dwellings, a store, and a school."  We retraced our steps(?), emerged triumphant at the parking lot, and posed for a group picture to immortalize our expedition.
   "The season culminated at a Section planning meeting and pot-luck cook-out at Barbara Slayton's.  The late autumn and early winter schedule includes the usual outdoor activities as well as an evening meeting to see the slides and prints camera carrying members took during the summer.
   "                                                                      by Priscilla Page"


LTN LI  1 February 1991

Montpelier Section News
   "Trip reports are informative and entertaining.  Here's a sampling from the Section's files for recent outings.
   "Brenda Clarkson led a group of nine on an October work outing and she writes:
   "We cleaned waterbars on the Bamforth Ridge Trail from River Road to the Duxbury Window. I question whether this was a worthwhile activity for fall on this section of trail as the waterbars were quite dry even after rainy weather and the leaves seemed to blow right back in.  We placed about 15 rocks along the  edge of a mudhole about 1.75 miles up from the River Road.  A rock carrier was built from large saplings and rope.  Everyone soon learned when a rock that was dug up was too big to move!  The crew working in the mudhole got quite dirty but no one seemed to mind.  The trail is now much improved and only time will determine how well the job was done.
   "The Silver Lake area east of Lake Dunmore was hike leader Eric Seidel's destination in late October.
   "We departed from Montpelier under a frosty and beautifully clear morning sky.  Some unusual hikers joined us.  A young Australian woman on a bicycle trip to Montreal read about the hike while staying in a local youth hostel.  She decided that she was ready for a 10 mile hike after cycling from White River Junction the day before.  Kavita Noble brought her two month old daughter in a Snugli pack - mother was indomitable and the infant serene for the whole trip!  We left the trailhead about 10 a.m., climbed up to Silver Lake (east of Lake Dunmore) and picked up the Chandler Ridge Trail which we followed south for about four miles with many wonderful views to the east and west.  The return trip via Leicester Hollow appeared almost tropical with thick beds of lush ferns.  The trail crossed and recrossed Leicester Hollow Brook many times.  We arrived at the trailhead about 4 p.m. after a day of beautiful scenery, perfect weather, and wonderful company.  All agreed that this loop will make a great ski trip.  And, I am confident that baby Noble must be one of the youngest to d a hike of this length!
   "Section members celebrated Christmas as usual but in a different setting.  Reidun Nuquist, co-leader with Sally Sairs for the December 15 hike and ski writes:
   "This was the first Section Christmas hike to Corliss Camp (most years it has had Duck Brook Shelter as the destination.)  It proved to be a happy choice.  The new, enclosed camp has a stove and several large windows which made it warm and light.  Fourteen of us gathered for lunch which was followed by spirited carol singing and a gift exchange, value less than $2.00.  Doris Washburn led the gift exchange which resulted in much merriment; the gifts were imaginative and included a space blanked, granola, chocolate, a tree ornament, tea, candles, and an antique GMC patch.  Mid-afternoon we left the shelter on foot or skis to travel the 1.5 miles back to the road.  It was a fast run.  The Christmas snow started to fall while we were on the way back to Montpelier.
   "                                                                      by Priscilla Page"

LTN LI  2 Summer 1991

Montpelier Section member Alan Jacobs was appointed to the GMC Budget and Finance Committee.

The GMC facilities committee voted to endorse the '1836 May Farm property' on Route 100 in Waterbury Center as the site it will recommend to the GMC Board of Directors, for acquisition of a permanent Club / Membership headquarters.

Montpelier Section News
   "At their annual meeting on April 5, section members re-elected the following officers: Reidun Nuquist (President), James Kellogg (Vice-President), Barbara Slayton (Secretary),  and Peter Downey (Treasurer); Eric Seidel was elected to succeed Dave Shepard as Trails and Shelters Coordinator.  After a pot-luck dinner and business meeting, members enjoyed a slide-talk by Ray Zirblis who, with four other Vermonters, participated in the 1990 climbing expedition in the St. Elias, a remote range on the Alaska-Yukon border.
  "Although the schedule of winter outings did not materialize exactly as planned due to fickle weather and snow conditions, participants were nevertheless enthusiastic.  Dave Morse led two ski trips in January and reported a good turnout as well as excellent snow conditions at the Bolton Touring Center and Burke Mountain.  Ten adventurers joined Jim Kellogg for an early January ascent of Belvidere Mountain. "It was a tough icy climb but the temperature (30) was suitable for this type of activity.  Once on the summit, a few brave souls climbed the tower.  Views were not possible because of the thick fog.  We then headed down by glissading, sliding, slipping, falling, and all in all it was great fun."
   "Ten skiers joined Jeff Harvey for a memorable moonlight mid-week trip in Smuggler's Notch on February 27.  "A full moon and shadows put the Notch into a different mood from what most of us are used to experiencing.  The light radiating from the snow-mantled Chin and Adam's Apple in addition to the shadows near the top of the Notch made the rather steep pitches seem easy."
   "Winter trail work included a two day stint in Groton State Park.  After clearing blowdowns from several favorite ski trails, Dave Morse, Doris Washburn, Sally Sairs, Harriet Gallagher and Tom Kastner enjoyed some good skiing.
   "Spring trail work resumes with a May 11 work outing and Long Trail walk-through from Smuggler's Notch to Chilcoot Pass and Elephant's Head Trail.  Hoping to increase member participation in trail work, Dave Shepard, former Coordinator of Trails and Shelters, has encouraged potential workers who may have been reluctant to volunteer because they felt they lacked the physical strength or the needed expertise.  Many of the tasks don't require extraordinary skills and are not physically demanding.  Experienced workers will be on hand as mentors and tasks will be assigned with which the new worker feels comfortable.
   "                                                                      by Priscilla Page"

LTN LI  3 Fall 1991

Dennis Shaffer replaces Frederic Preston as Executive Director of the GMC.

Brenda Clarkson becomes Treasurer of the GMC.

The GMC Board of Directors voted to execute an option agreement to purchase the 1836 May Farm property in Waterbury Center.

Montpelier Section News
   "Ann Burcroff planned and led the Section's late spring wildflower hike to the Snake Mountain Wildlife Management Area in Weybridge.  Although the area is a fairly long drive from Montpelier, we had 17 participants - none of whom had visited the area before.
   "The area (some 1,300 acres) is noted for its rich and diverse flora, and it provides, as well, a significant winter habitat for deer.  In spite of its name, we learned that reptiles are not overly abundant.  Rather, the mountain is named for its serpentine shape.  Ann shared the reports and maps she had borrowed from the Department of Fish and Wildlife; although we were amateur botanists, we were impressed by the lengthy list of plants known to have been found in the area.
   "In their book Forest and Crag, Laura and Guy Waterman write: "During the 1880's, Snake Mountain boasted a road up to the hotel known as the Grand View House, with croquet grounds, a dance hall, roller skating rink, and a 65-foot observation tower for which ten cents was charged - all now memories."
   "Thanks, Ann for introducing us to a new area!
   "                                                                      by Priscilla Page"

LTN LI  4 Winter 1991

Senator Patrick Leahy announced his support of a federal initiative which could provide funds for a wooden suspension bridge over the Winooski River, under the Forest Service's Rural Development Initiative. 

A joint hike by the Sterling and Montpelier Sections from Smuggler's Notch to Route 15 in Johnson preceded dedication of the new Bear Hollow Shelter, which replaces French Camp.

Montpelier Section News
   "Variety has been the byword for recent Section activities.  Members have participated in Section sponsored trail maintenance and work hikes, bike trips, a canoe overnight, hikes on the Long Trail and in the Adirondacks, and in the GMC's Intersectional.
   "The Hike-A-Thon, however, was the late summer highlight.  Four section leaders and their groups raised approximately $4,000 for the Long Trail protection Fund.
   "Our group of six, with leader Reidun Nuquist, hiked from Lincoln Gap to Mt. Grant and returned.  Although we were prepared to enjoy ourselves (and we did), Reidun did not let us forget we were on the Long Trail that day for a serious purpose.  She mounted a Hike-A-Thon poster on her pack and we carried extra pledge forms to spread the word to the hikers we met.  By the end of the hike, we had "ambushed" a number of backpackers (we were much less serious with the day hikers).  We hope all the folks we met sent in the pledges they promised.
   "Hike's end found us at the Lincoln Gap parking lot enjoying cake and cold drinks (courtesy of the leader).  A piece of cake may have lured at least one passing backpacker to contribute to the LTPF!
   "                                                                      by Priscilla Page"


LTN LII  1 Spring 1992

GMC completes purchase of 1836 May Farm in Waterbury Center. The move from Montpelier was on March 14.

LTN LII  2 Summer 1992

The GMC entered into a purchase and sale contract with Winston Rost of Duxbury for acquisition of four acres in Duxbury on the south side of the Winooski River.  It is the proposed site for a footbridge across the river.  On the north side is a large cement culvert for Pinneo Brook, which the Club plans to use to cross safely beneath the railroad tracks, Interstate 89, and Route 2. More needs to be done, however: Land or easements from four landowners must be acquired, permits obtained, the trail relocated and the footbridge constructed. The proposed trail would link the Camel's Hump and Mt. Mansfield State Forests.

Montpelier Section News
   "At their annual meeting, Montpelier Section members approved two changes to their trail maintenance responsibilities.  The Section assumed responsibility for the Long Trail from River Road trailhead to Gorham Lodge.  According to Trails and Shelters Coordinator Eric Seidel, "this allows us to maintain, in conjunction with the Bamforth Ridge Trail, an important loop on Camel's Hump."  The second change is to offer for adoption the Elephant's Head Trail from the trailhead at Route 108 to the Tractor Road.  This allows the Section to put up for adoption a side trail that may be attractive to a potential adopter, thereby allowing the Section to concentrate its attention on the Long Trail.
   "After the potluck dinner and business meeting, members enjoyed GMC Executive Director Dennis Shaffer's slide show Climbing Mt. McKinley.
   "Montpelier Section members elected the following officers: President, Reidun Nuquist; Vice-President, James Kellogg; Secretary, Priscilla Page; Treasurer/Membership Coordinator, Alan Jacobs; Trails and Shelters Coordinator, Eric Seidel; and GMC Board of Directors, Peter Downey (Downey joins Andrew Nuquist and Brenda Clarkson presently on the Board).
   "                                                                      by Priscilla Page"

LTN LII  3 Fall 1992

LTN LII  4 Winter 1992

The GMC Board of Directors consider National Scenic Trail designation for the Long Trail.

The James P. Taylor Winter Series is inaugurated. The first event, On the Trail of William Brooks Cabot, sponsored by the Montpelier Section, was on November 13. 


LTN LIII  1 Spring 1993

The GMC acquired 319 acres of woodland in Bolton from Edward and Barbara Buttolph of Brandon. Two miles of the Long Trail will eventually be relocated onto this property as part of the planned Winooski Valley relocation.  The track is located north of Route 2 on the north side of the Winooski River, and abuts the Mt. Mansfield State Forest.  

(Photo caption)
Montpelier Section members Judy Illingworth, Dot Babcock, and Doris Washburn take a look at the newly organized GMC archives at the Vermont Historical Society Library in Montpelier.

The GMC Annual Meeting arrangements are being made by the Montpelier Section.  Committee members include Reidun Nuquist (Chair), Barbara Agnew, Mary Bellinzier, Roberta Downey, Judy Illingworth, Allen Jacobs, David Morse, Andrew Nuquist, Priscilla Page, Eric Seidel, and Doris Washburn.

Montpelier Section News
   "How can viable winter outings be planned in early October?  They can be planned, but leaders may have to improvise according to conditions.  Due to the sparse, early winter snow cover, at least one snowshoe trip and several cross-country ski outings "became" winter hikes.
   "Snow was not in the plan, however, for a hunting season road walk in the Kent's Corner area where muddy ruts were reminiscent of March.  Leaders Joan Heller and Betty Moskowitz opened their Calais home for snacks following the walk.
   "Bob Johnson lead a group of fourteen on an early December hike at Websterville's Mill Hill Ski Touring Center.  This was a repeat of a trip led by Bob and owner Pierre Couture last spring.  This new center, located on a high open hilltop, abounds with abandoned quarries and other manmade evidence from its earlier working days.
   "We celebrated our traditional holiday party with a Christmas lunch at Corliss Camp.  Two Laraway Section members joined us for some spirited carol singing and a gift exchange (lots of edible presents) which we enjoyed with lots of hot tea around the warm stove.  Regretfully, we left the camp's warmth early and headed back to our cars before the long afternoon shadows of the year's nearly shortest day overtook us.
   "                                                                      - Priscilla Page"

LTN LIII  2 Summer 1993

Governor Howard Dean, honorary Co-Chair of the Long Trail Protection Fund,  urges the Club to seek National Scenic Trail designation for the Long Trail.  He suggests federal legislation to make the Club and landowners more comfortable with such designation.

The LTN reprints Reidun Nuquists article from Trail Talk, discussing National Scenic Trail designation.

LTN LIII  3 Fall 1993

The Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation is establishing The Long Trail State Forest.  This name will be applied to land acquisitions north of Route 15 in Johnson to Route 58 in Hazen's Notch, where thousands of acres are being acquired to protect the Long Trail.

David Morse received an honorary life membership at the Club's annual meeting in June.

Montpelier Section News
   "The Montpelier Section Committee for the Annual Meeting recently reviewed the events of the June weekend, determining that the many months of planning had produced a successful Annual meeting despite only partial cooperation from Vermont's legendary weather.
   "Although the hikes scheduled for Saturday afternoon generally started off under hazy skies and returned to Headquarters prior to heavy rain, the Sunday groups were not so fortunate.  Due to the constant precipitation the groups consolidated into one hike on the Little River Trail.
   "Those who responded to the evaluation questionnaire indicated their appreciation of the excellent meals, information packets, and general high level of organization.  The wonderful assistance of the New England Culinary Institute, through GMC member Eric Seidel (NECI's Director of Facilities), provided us with food to brag about, and the Saturday evening guest speaker's presentation on the Camel's Hump bomber story had listeners enthralled.
   "The Montpelier planners have prepared a summary of the planning process for next year's use.
   "The members of this Section are proud to congratulate Dave Morse, who received an Honorary Life Membership Award during the Annual Meeting on Saturday.  Dave has given so much of himself and his talent to us - we can think of no one more deserving of recognition.
   "Our thanks to everyone from GMC who contributed to the success of the weekend, thereby promoting the goals of the GMC.
   "                                                                      Barbara Agnew"

LTN LIII  4 Winter 1993


LTN LIV 1 Spring 1994

GMC will hold a series of information/comment sessions on the use of federal assistance in protecting the Long Trail.

LTN LIV 2 Summer 1994

The Smuggler's Notch Management Advisory Committee, of which GMC is a part, is working with the Lamoille Regional Planning Commission and the Vermont Agency of Transportation to study the current use and future condition of Route 108 through the Notch.  Included in this study is the status of hiking trails,

LTN LIV 3 Fall 1994

LTN LIV 4 Winter 1994

The GMC Board of Directors voted to seek National Scenic Trail designation for the Long Trail. The proposal calls for eminent domain authority to be limited to the main route Long Trail (not side trails), and for landowners who have agreed to protect the Long Trail corridor to be exempt from eminent domain. 


LTN LV 1 Spring 1995

LTN LV 2 Summer 1995

Montpelier Section News
   "The hills of Montpelier offer us some wonderful hiking opportunities.  The Montpelier Section recently offered three hikes that take advantage of our hilly terrain
   "The "Seven Hills of Montpelier" hike took our Section up and over, through the woods, and across the river.  Sometimes we were in quite, secluded places; other times we were in the bustling, noisy street.  Nancy Schulz has led the hike three times at different seasons.  It has been one of the Section's most popular outings.  The views of Montpelier and the surrounding mountains are spectacular.
   "The "Three Cemetery" walk found ghosts and goblins who were gentle and welcoming to the twenty-four of us before Halloween.  We walked first to the Elm Street Cemetery, then to the Catholic Cemetery, and finally arrived at Green Mount Cemetery.
   "The "Hubbard Park" ski on New Year's Eve turned out to be a walk due to the spring-like winter.  The eighteen people who turned out for the walk and the potluck and hat-making party rang the New Year at 9:00 p,.
   "A mote about Hubbard Park in Montpelier.  Many of us recognize it for its beauty and convenience to Montpelier residents.  Recently we celebrated the addition of North Branch River Park across the river from Hubbard Park.  The 152-acre parcel north of the recreational field includes wetlands and habitat for many species of birds and animals.  It will open up possibilities for connecting footpaths to East Montpelier.
   "The Montpelier Section is in the beginning stages of planning to help with the design and the construction of footpaths.  The city welcomes interested people at walk-throughs on Saturday, June 3, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and also on Thursday evening, June 22, 6:30 pm.
   "We, in Montpelier, feel fortunate to have parks and hills where we view the mountains, observe the wildlife in our midst, and stay in condition to do the big Green Mountains on the weekends.
   "                                                                      Esther Farnsworth"

LTN LV 3&4 Fall/Winter 1995

The GMC purchased 577 acres from Bolton Valley Ski Resort, including the summit of Bolton Mountain and the east side and near the summit of Ricker Mountain. The parcel includes one-half mile of the Long Trail; the land is also a crucial link in the planned Winooski Valley Long Trail relocation.  One and one-half miles of the LT will be relocated onto this land once protection of parcels necessary for the relocation is completed. The relocation will eliminate a two-and-one-half mile road walk near the Winooski River in Jonesville. The property is adjacent to 293 acres on the west side of Bolton Mountain which the GMC acquired last winter.

Reidun and Andrew Nuquist were awarded Honorary Life Memberships at the GMC Annual Meeting on June 3


LTN LVI 1 Spring 1996

The Long Trail Protection Campaign celebrates its tenth anniversary.  About 93% of the Long Trail is now protected.

LTN LVI 2 Summer 1996

LTN LVI 3 Fall 1996

LTN LVI 4 Winter 1996

The GMC celebrated the final payment of the Club's mortgage on the Waterbury Center headquarters site.

Montpelier Section member and long time Club officer and director George Plumb retired from his position as State Recreation and Trails Coordinator for the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation.  His efforts were recognized by a resolution of the GMC Board of Directors.

LT Relocated to Bamforth Ridge
   "After thirty-three years, a portion of the Long Trail has returned to its rightful ridge.  This fall, the Long Trail Patrol and volunteers coordinated by the Montpelier Section relocated the Long Trail in Honey Hollow (Camel's Hump area) to the Bamforth Ridge Trail.  The relocation moved the Long Trail back to the original route built by Prof. Will Monroe in the early 1920s.  To prepare the Bamforth Trail for its new designation as the Long Trail, the crews reconstructed and relocated parts of the trail.  The old route of the Long Trail through Honey Hollow is closed and the Honey Hollow Tent Site has been eliminated.
   "From Gorham Lodge, the Long Trail follows the Bamforth Ridge Trail north to descend to the River Road and the Winooski River.  The Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation built a new trailhead with a capacity for fifteen cars about 200 feet west of the old Bamforth trailhead.  As with any trailhead, do not leave valuables in your car.  There have been break-ins to cars left at the trailhead.
   "The trail was moved to Honey Hollow in 1987 because of trail closings over Robbins Mountain.  This temporary arrangement remained until the Club made progress in its acquisition of a protected corridor where the Long Trail crossed the Winooski River.  The redesignation of the Long Trail on the Bamforth Ridge is the first step in moving the trail permanently to this protected corridor.  The Bamforth Ridge offers one of the premier hiking experiences in Vermont.  While the Club works to complete land acquisition on the Winooski Valley relocation, hikers will continue to make the road walk on the River Road to the Jonesville bridge. A trail description with mileage for the relocation will follow in a future edition of the Long Trail News."

Montpelier Section News
   "A couple of years ago, it occurred to Tom Weiss that although we help maintain the Long Trail, our section leads few hikes on the trail.  Tom decided to take action,  Since June 1995, he has been leading day hikes arranged to meet the goal of trekking the entire Long Trail.  More than sixty people have participated in Tom's hikes, which take place about once a month during the good weather months.  About a dozen hikers plan to complete most or all of the trail.
   "Initially, Tom tackled the northern reaches of the trail, with the first hike ending at the Canadian border at the U.S. boundary post 592.  On the second hike, the group climbed Jay Peak in a fog, but as the hikers continued north, a wonderful view of Jay Peak and the upper Missisquoi River Valley welcomed them.  Fantastic views from the fire tower on Mount Belvidere awaited them on another hike.  It was overcast, wet, and beautiful on the hike from Codding Hollow and then north to Laraway Mountain, Butternut Mountain, and Devil's Gulch.  A memorable sunset topped the day off.
   "Recently, Tom has led several hikes in southern Vermont.  Days with lots of mileage (both driving and hiking) were reserved for the summer.  The hikers met in Montpelier at 6:30 in the morning and did not roll back into town until well into the evening.  Rain was common on the southern hikes, but there were some splendid views.  From the fire tower on Stratton Mountain, the group spotted Killington Peak, Okemo, Haystack, and Bromley Mountains, and Mounts Ascutney, Snow, Greylock, and Equinox.
   "As of September 21, ninety-eight miles of the trail's 270 were completed.  Tom and his troop see no rush to the finish; the hike will be completed in 1999 or 2000.
   "                                                                      Christie Carter"


LTN LVII 1 Spring 1997

LTN LVII 2 Summer 1997

LTN LVII 3 Fall 1997

Doris Washburn, a thirty-three year member of the Montpelier Section, was awarded an Honorary Life Membership at the GMC Annual Meeting on June 24. She has been a tireless trail maintainer; she served as Secretary of the Montpelier Section, has been a leader of many outings, and has volunteered for each of the five GMC Snowshoe Festivals.  Since the weekly volunteer program was initiated, she has been a regular volunteer at the GMC headquarters.

LTN LVII 4 Winter 1997

Uniform dues go into effect January 1, 1998.

Montpelier Section News
   "Montpelier Section members enjoyed some nice outings this spring.  In May, Ann Burcroff led a wildflower hike to Duck Brook Shelter.  Seven participants saw trailing arbutus in bloom as well as colt's foot, trout lily, bluets, saxifrage, yellow violets, Dutchman's breeches, and red maple.  In bud were wood betony, wood anemone, golden alexander, columbine, red trillium, wild oats, goldthread, foam flower, bishop's cap, and shad bush.
   "In January, Steve Lightholder led a two-person trip to Bolton Valley Nordic Center.  They skied for one and a half hours in the rain.  They wondered if this was a record for the shortest trip.  Any section members out there remember a shorter trip?  Nancy Schulz led an early season bike ride in April from Montpelier to Warren and back.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  One participant rode a recumbent bicycle.  In Warren, the group enjoyed lunch at the Warren General Store.


LTN LVIII 1 Spring 1998

Dennis Shaffer resigns as Executive Director of the GMC.

Ice storm devastates 125 miles of Long Trail; the damage is focused from Killington north to Camel's Hump with an unpredictable pattern of tree damage throughout the southern and northern extremes of the state as well.

LTN LVIII 2 Summer 1998

Ben Rose is appointed Executive Director of the GMC.

Montpelier Section News
   "Montpelier Section members hiked up Mount Elmore on a crystal clear day in January.  The climb to the tower was icy, and lacking crampons they had to kick footholds on the crusted steep rocks.  On a sunny, cloudless day in late November, the section made an outing to the Burlington Intervale and Recreation Path.  The lake was as smooth as glass.  In February, eighteen members skied on the Highland Lodge trails in Greensboro.  One group skied to Long Pond, where there were terrific views from Craftsbury to Jay Peak and west to Belvidere Mountain.  After a delicious dinner, many in the group enjoyed lemon-glazed gingerbread.  Eighteen people snowshoed on the Long Trail from the Bolton Road Notch to Buchanan Shelter in early February.  The day was cold, sunny, and windless with views of Robbins Mountain, the Adirondacks, and Lake Champlain.  The Beaver Meadow Lodge chili party snowshoe and ski turned into a hike due to lack of snow."

LTN LVIII 3 Fall 1998

LTN LVIII 4 Winter 1998


LTN LIX 1 Spring 1999

Montpelier Section News
   "The Montpelier Section held a variety of outings in the past year, including snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, hiking, biking, canoeing and kayaking.
   "The ice storm of January 1998 brought out a record number of members and non-members (including a crew of boy scouts) to repair ice damage on the Long Trail.  Eric Seidel led the series of work outings in which volunteers put in more than 500 hours of time repairing the damage.
   "Trip leaders waxed poetic when greeted by signs of spring.  On an early May bike trip from Worcester to Elmore and back, one trip leader said, "birds hidden in the new light-green leaves serenaded our passage on Route 12."  The leader of the annual wildflower hike to Duck Brook Shelter on the Long Trail noted that, "the early spring meant that the trailing arbutus and Dutchman's britches were finished flowering, but the corydalis, dwarf ginseng and pink lady's slippers were in perfect form ..."
   "View marred by mist did not dampen spirits on a trip up Camel's Hump.  The trip leader recalled "up into the swirling mists we went.  At Montclair Glen the mists were still swirling.  A break seemed possible, but it didn't happen.  We sat on top and imagined the view."
   "Thomas Weiss led four Long Trail day hikes during the past season, in October completing hike twenty-five.  Thomas's goal is to hike the entire Long Trail with no overnighters.  So far, he and his crew have hiked 230 miles and have only forty miles to go!  The final five hikes will be completed in 1999, and will include the Appalachian Gap to Nebraska Notch and four miles at the Massachusetts state line.
   "A hike up Spruce Mountain for new and prospective Montpelier Section members successfully attracted "new faces and children."  The section plans to hold similar hikes in the future to lure new members.
   "Area road walks in November were a great way to get out during hunting season.  A road walk in Woodbury, another in the Plainfield-Marshfield area, and a third in Hubbard and North Branch Parks were invigorating and fun.
   "The Montpelier Section launched the New Year with a frigid hike in East Montpelier.  We also enjoyed several snowshoe and skiing trips.
   "The Montpelier Section website ... posts the section schedule, trip reports, photos, the Montpelier Section map, and information about how to join the section.
   "                                                                      Christie Carter"

The New York Section, founded by Will Monroe in 1916, disestablishes itself from the GMC.

LTN LIX 2 Summer 1999

Obituary for David P. Morse, Sr.
1914 - 1999 An Inspiration and Role Model for All
   "This spring, the Green Mountain Club lost a dear friend.  On March 20, longtime Montpelier Section member David Morse died at his home.  David was an active GMCer and volunteer for more than thirty years.
   "David adopted the Long Trail from Montclair Glen Lodge to Mount Ira Allen, helped scout new routes for the Long Trail, and was a Thursday volunteer at the GMC headquarters.  He served on the board of directors, did publicity for the Montpelier Section, served on trails and shelters committees, gave rides to hikers, recruited new members, and made trail signs.  David also was an active trip leader, winning the Montpelier Section award for most active member on numerous occasions.  David competed in road races into his 70s.  He hiked the Long Trail end-to-end and climbed all 46 Adirondack High peaks.
   "David enjoyed hiking, skiing, bicycling, running, and cross-country skiing.  In later years, his passion was kayaking.  "He was, and will remain, a role model for the rest of us as we reach our 40s, 50, 60s, and 70s," remembered Montpelier Section member Reidun Nuquist in her eulogy to David.  "If David could take pleasure in staying active outdoors for all of his life, by golly we can try, too."
   "David served in WWII as a glider pilot.  He participated in the invasion of France.
   "David celebrated every birthday, including his eightieth, by hiking Camel's Hump.  In 1993, the GMC honored him with a life membership in the club.  Upon receiving the reward, David said, "I enjoy doing this so much, I don't even realize how much I do."
   "Club members and staff fondly remember David visiting the GMC office.  At eighty years old, he would be sporting the latest style of running shoes and would have just returned from an outdoor adventure.  By living life so fully, David, you have given us all a wonderful gift."

LTN LIX 3 Fall 1999

   "The Jonesville bridge will be closed for major renovations in 2002 or 2003. To help hikers cross the river, the GMC may run a ferry across the river near the proposed bridge site.  This means that we may accelerate the schedule to build the new Long Trail on the north side of the river.  Scouting the new route may get started this fall and completed next year."

GMC Sections over the Years (excerpts) (Information provided by Paul Woodward)
   "Barre Section - Organized April 19, 1952 by Pres. Miss L. Marcott and fifteen new members.
   "Camel's Hump of Waterbury Section - It was noted in "The Making of the Long Trail" by Lewis J. Paris that this was a section of the GMC in 1911.
   "Montpelier Section - Thirty-eight people signed a petition to organize.  LTN, May 1955.  Today: 349 members.
   "Mount Hunger Section - Organized October 1922.  Their motives were to build a trail over the Worcester Range and to help with extension of the LT to Canada.  It was in existence until 1927 or 1928.  A gift was received from this section in 1954.

LTN LIX 4 Winter 1999

Winooski River Trailhead Parking Acquired
   "In August, GMC purchased a 0.9-acre parcel on the River Road in Duxbury from John H. Thetford Associates of Montpelier.  This tract is next to the Camel's Hump State Forest and across the road from the site of the planned footbridge for the Long Trail over the Winooski River.  When the Long Trail relocation is complete, a trailhead parking area will be built on the newly purchased land.
   "The parcel narrowly escaped being developed with a house that would have been visible from the footbridge and trailhead.  Also, a hiker parking lot may have posed conflicts for the residents of the house.  This past spring, GMC, as an adjacent landowner, was surprised to receive notice of a town zoning hearing regarding this land.  For eight years, the club had offered to buy the land from its Massachusetts owner without success.  Unbeknownst to the club, the property taxes had become delinquent, and the town had sold the land at a tax sale to a developer.  As of May, the parcel was under contract to a man from Burlington who planned to build a home there.  After the GMC contacted the developer, the prospective buyer, and the town to inform them of the trailhead plans, the club worked out an agreement to purchase this key parcel. - SS [Susan Shea]"

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