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Events and reports for 1966
Montpelier Section reports in the 1966 Long Trail News
Jan 9
LTN XXVI 2 May 1966
1965-66 Winter schedule

Sunday, January 9 -- Oyster Stew at Taylor Lodge     Leader: Dave Otis and Marion Gorham

Sat Jan 22
Saturday, January 22 -- Stevensville Brook Trail to Butler Lodge, up Mt Mansfield and down the Frost Trail     Leader: Dave Otis
Sun Feb 6
Sunday, February 6 -- Chicken and biscuits supper at Juelia Desilets' Camp on Groton Pond     Leader: Juelia Desilets and Doris Washburn and Marion Gorham
Sun Feb 20
Sunday, February 20 -- Snowshoe hike up Camel's Hump or to Montclair Glen Lodge, depending on weather and snow conditions.     Leader: Dave Morse
Mar 4
March 4-6 -- Weekend trip to the Adirondacks - Snowshoe in to Grace Camp; climb Lower Wolf Jaws the next day     Leader: Dick Babcock
Tue Mar 10
Tuesday, March 10 -- Moonlight snowshoe hike up the old railroad tracks in East Montpelier     Leader: Doris Washburn
Sun Mar 20
Sunday, March 20 -- Family ski party at Mt Mansfield Ski Area; watch the U.S.Alpine and International Races     Leader: Marion Gorham
Mar 27
LTN XXVI 3 August 1966
1966 Spring - Summer schedule

Sunday, March 27 -- Sugar on snow party at Joslin Farm in Montpelier     Leader: Doris Farnsworth

Sun Apr 3
Sunday, April 3 -- Hike up Worcester Mtn     Leader: Dave Otis
Apr 6
April 6 -- Planning meeting
Fri Apr 15
Friday, April 15 -- Montpelier Section Annual Meeting, at the Old Brick Church Sunday School in East Montpelier Village     Leader: Doris Washburn
Apr 17
1966 Spring Schedule

Sunday, April 17 -- Mystery hike     Leader: Frances Holmes

Sat Apr 30
Saturday, April 30 -- Hike Bamforth Ridge Trail; spaghetti supper at Buchanan Lodge     Leader: Marion Gorham and Dave Morse
Sun May 15
Sunday, May 15 -- Tuckerman Ravine     Leader: Dave Morse
May 21
May 21-22 -- Trail clearing from Smuggler's Notch to Sterling Pond Lodge     Leader: Dave Otis and Dave Morse
May 25
May 25-26 -- Governor's Conference on Natural Beauty
Sat May 28
Saturday, May 28 -- GMC Annual Meeting at the Long Trail Lodge in Sherburne     Contact: Marion Gorham
Sun May 29
Sunday, May 29 -- Hike the LT from Carmel Camp (via the New Boston Trail) to Brandon Gap
Sun Jun 5
Sunday, June 5 -- Cantilever Rock and on up to the Chin, with the Killington Section     Leader: Doris Washburn
Jun 26
LTN XXVI 4 November 1966

Sunday, June 26 -- Hike the Callahan Trail to Gorham Lodge on Camel's Hump, to the LT and Jonesville     Leader: Dave Morse

Sun Jul 10
Sunday, July 10 -- Carrigain Mtn in the White Mountains (Signal Ridge Trail and Carrigain Notch Trail)     Leader: Dick Babcock
Sun Jul 24
Sunday, July 24 -- Chicken Barbecue at the Desilets' Camp on Groton Pond     Leader: Juelia Desilets
Aug 7
1966 Late Summer - Early Fall Schedule

Sunday, August 7 -- Hike Spruce Mtn in Plainfield to visit the Rogers family     Leader: George Brady and Cynthia Mix

Sun Aug 21
Sunday, August 21 -- Hike on Mt Mansfield (Drive up the Toll Load) - Lake View Trail loop and LT to the Chin and back     Leader: Dave Otis
Aug 27
1966 GMC Intersectional

Aug 27 - Sept 4 -- Intersectional at Stratton Mtn Boy Scout Reservation on Grout Pond     Contact: Marion Gorham and Doris Washburn

Sun Sep 10
Sunday, September 10 -- Hike Scragg Mtn in Waitsfield area (Also known as Alice Mtn)     Leader: Marion Gorham
Sun Sep 18
Sunday, September 18 -- Hike Carter Ridge area in the White Mountains     Leader: Dave Morse
Sun Sep 25
Sunday, September 25 -- Canoe on Otter Creek     Leader: Dick Babcock
Oct 2
LTN XXVII 1 February 1967

Sunday, October 2 -- Hike from Appalachian Gap to Hedgehog Brook Trail and Burnt Rock Mtn     Leader: Doris Washburn

Sat Oct 8
Saturday, October 8 -- Hike the LT from Jonesville to Bolton Lodge for a bean supper     Leader: Juelia Desilets
Oct 14
Oct 14-16 -- Overnight to Grace and Winter Camps in the Adirondacks; climb Marcy and Haystack; climb Big Slide     Leader: Dick and Dot Babcock
Sat Oct 22
Saturday, October 22 -- Mystery Walk goes to an old road in Putnamville     Leader: Frances Holmes
Oct 24
October 24 -- Planning meeting
Sun Oct 30
Sunday, October 30 -- Climb Killington via the Juggernaut Trail     Leader: Marion Gorham
Nov 13

1966 Winter Schedule

Sunday, November 13 -- Trail clearing, LT from Smuggler's Notch to Chilcoot Pass; also Sterling Pond Lodge     Leader: Dave Morse

Sun Nov 27
Sunday, November 27 -- Mt Mansfield via the Haselton Trail     Leader: Dave Otis
Sun Dec 11
Sunday, December 11 -- Christmas Party at the home of     Leader: Marion Gorham
Tue Dec 27
Tuesday, December 27 -- Moonlight snowshoe in vicinity of the Barre Country Club     Leader: Doris Washburn

Montpelier Section reports in the 1967 Long Trail News

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