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Events and reports for 1965
Montpelier Section reports in the 1965 Long Trail News
Jan 10
LTN XXV 2 May 1965

Sunday, January 10 -- Snowshoe on Terrace Street in Montpelier. The Babcocks call it the Terrace Street Plateau Wilderness.     Leader: Dick and Dot Babcock

Sat Jan 16
Saturday, January 16 -- Oyster Stew at Taylor Lodge, a Gourmet Hike     Leader: Ann Otis and Doris Washburn
Jan 27
January 27 -- Planning meeting
Jan 31
Jan 30 or 31 -- Ride up the Sugarbush Gondola to Lincoln Peak and hike over Lincoln Mtn to Glen Ellen Ski area and down.     Leader: Dave Otis
Feb 14
1965 Winter - Spring Schedule

Sunday, February 14 -- (Valentines Day) Snowshoe to Al Eldred's camp on East Long Pond, with ice cream freezer     Leader: Al Eldred and Jerry Dix

Sat Feb 27
Saturday, February 27 -- Climb Mt Mansfield via Haselton Trail to the Toll Road at the Height of Land near the top of the chair lift, then up to the Chin and down to Taft Lodge, and then to Smuggler's Notch     Leader: Dave Otis and Dave Morse
Wed Mar 17
Wednesday, March 17 -- (St Patrick's Day) Moonlight snowshoe hike on an unplowed road in Berlin     Leader: Marion Gorham or Dave Morse
Sun Mar 28
Sunday, March 28 -- Climb Mt Hunger     Leader: Dave Morse
Apr 11
LTN XXV 3 August 1965
1965 Summer schedule

Sunday, April 11 -- Road walk in Moretown. Waterfalls and beaver ponds along the way.     Leader: Frances Holmes

Fri Apr 23
Friday, April 23 -- Montpelier Section Annual Meeting, at the Montpelier Center Community Hall, with the meal prepared by the ladies of the community.     Leader: Ann Otis
Sat May 8
Saturday, May 8 -- Bushwhack up Worcester Mtn     Leader: Dave Otis, Dick Babcock, Al Eldred
May 5
May 5 -- Planning Meeting Host: Dave Morse
May 23
1965 Summer Schedule

Sunday, May 23 -- Afternoon walk on old road in Middlesex, near Brock's Camp Road     Leader: Marion Gorham, Julia Desilets

May 29
May 29 -- GMC Annual Meeting at the Long Trail Lodge, newspaper reports, and the proposed Mountain Highway     Leader: Marion Gorham and Harlan Farnsworth
Jun 5
Saurday, June 5 -- Trail clearing - Elephants Head Trail     Leader: Dave Otis
Sun Jun 6
Sunday, June 6 -- Trail clearing - LT from Smuggler's Notch to Chilcoot Pass     Leader: Dave Morse
Sun Jun 20
Sunday, June 20 -- Hike Hedgehog Brook Trail in North Fayston to the LT, lunch at Burnt Rock Mtn; over Mt Ethan Allen to Montclair Glen Lodge, and down the Dean Trail to cars spotted at Couching Lion Farm     Leader: Dick Babcock
Sun Jun 27
Sunday, June 27 -- Afternoon walk on an old logging road off the Elmore Rd in the Worcester area     Leader: Dave Hine
Jul 11
LTN XXV 4 November 1965

Sunday, July 11 -- Cookout at Underhill State Park with hikes to Cantilever Rock and on to the Chin     Leader: Doris Washburn and Dave Otis

Jul 24
July 24-25 -- Overnight hike from Lake Mansfield Trout Club to Puffer Lodge, to Bolton Lodge and on to Route 2     Leader: Dave Morse
Sun Aug 8
Sunday, August 8 -- Hike from Middlebury Gap on the Skylight Pond Trail to the LT, over Breadloaf Mtn and down the Clark Trail
Sat Aug 21
Saturday, August 21 -- Blueberry hike up Mt Hunger (date changed to Sunday August 22)     Leader: Doris Washburn and Brad (King) Warburton
Aug 28
1965 GMC Intersectional

Aug 28 - Sept 6 -- Intersectional at Camp Plymouth in Plymouth

Sep 12
Sept 12 -- Hike Giant Mtn in the New York Adirondacks     Leader: Dick Babcock
Sep 13
Sept 13 -- Planning Meeting Host: Juelia Desilets
Sep 19
1965 Fall Schedule

Sunday, September 19 -- Corn roast at the Shady Rill Fish and Game picnic area     Leader: Harlan Farnsworth

Sat Sep 25
Saturday, September 25 -- Hike Spruce Mtn in Plainfield     Leader: Doris Washburn
Oct 3
LTN XXVI 1 February 1966

Sunday, October 3 -- Hike LT from Lincoln Gap to Appalachian Gap     Leader: Marion Gorham

Sun Oct 10
Sunday, October 10 -- Afternoon road walk in Berlin - announced as Upper Terrace Street to Rt 2     Leader: Frances Holmes
Sun Oct 17
Sunday, October 17 -- Hike Liberty and Flume Mtns in the White Mtns, up Falling Waters and down the Flume Slide     Leader: Dave Morse
Oct 29
October 29 -- Meeting
Sat Oct 30
Saturday, October 30 -- Mystery Hike (to a hill near Taylor Lodge)     Leader: Dave Otis
Nov 6
November 6 -- Brandon Gap to Middlebury Gap with chowder at Voter-White Lodge     Leader: King Warburton and Dave Morse
Nov 6
November 6 -- Short hike in to the Voter-White Lodge from Middlebury Gap     Leader: Jerry Dix
Nov 14
November 14 -- Hike Mt Mansfield, from Smuggler's Notch to Taft Lodge, up the Profanity Trail to the Chin     Leader: Dave Otis
Nov 30
November 30 -- Planning meeting
Dec 4
December 4 -- Hike from the Ithiel Falls Campground to Barrows Camp for baked beans and hot dogs     Leader: Marion Gorham and Doris Farnsworth and Ann Otis and Dave Otis
Dec 4
December 4 -- Shorter hike to Barrows Camp via the Johnson-Waterville Upper Road
Dec 7
1965 Winter Schedule

Tuesday, December 7 - Moonlight snowshoe hike in Upper Main Street area     Leader: Dave Morse

Sun Dec 19
Sunday, December 19 -- Snowshoe hike on the old Elmore Road     Leader: Frances Holmes

Montpelier Section reports in the 1966 Long Trail News

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