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Sources include published outing schedules, the Long Trail News (LTN), Trail Talk, and submissions to this web site.

LTN vv n is used as an abbreviation for The Long Trail News Volume vv Number n; The Long Trail News is published by The Green Mountain Club.

 1955 The Montpelier Section is established

The charter

LTN XV 2 May 1955
(from a report of the Trustees Meeting) "... Fred Field, Chairman of the Section Service Committee ... assisted the Barre Section with the program for their Annual Meeting by showing the Club's slides.  It was at this meeting that he made contacts to develop a new Section in Montpelier. After a great deal of preliminary work, and with the cooperation of a few interested Montpelier people, a meeting was arranged, to show The Green Mountain Club slides and to talk about the Club.  At another meeting, a week later, thirty-eight people signed a paper requesting permission from The Green Mountain Club to form a Montpelier Section."

The Barre Section reports a full schedule; their Annual Meeting was in January. Their officers are Pauline Calcagni, Madeline Tomasi, Rena Gusmai, and Mildred Halvasa.

DSCN0690_1955_Ready (238102 bytes)
April 16, 1955:  The GMC formally accepts the Montpelier Section
DSCN0686_1955_Charter (232834 bytes)
May 28: The Charter is presented at the Annual Meeting
LTN XV 3 August 1955
The Annual Meeting of the GMC included a Section report from Barre, but none from Montpelier. "Montpelier was welcomed as a new Section and a charter was presented to them.  The Section has 35 paid members and has scheduled two hikes a month up to August." LTN XV 4 November 1955
The Barre Section reports continued activity.

1956  LTN XVI 1 February 1956
   "We received from Harlan Farnsworth, president of the Montpelier Section, a splendid report of the activities of the Section for the year 1955.  Because of a lack of space, we are forced to condense part of it. Other parts will be reported in detail, for many GMC members will be interested to hear what Montpelier has been doing.
   "The activities of the newly organized Montpelier Section opened up April 2, 1955 with twenty-five adults and children participating in a Sugar-on-snow party at the Morse's Sugar House on the Country Road in Montpelier.
   "At a meeting on April 27th, the following officers were elected: President, Harlan R. Farnsworth; Secretary, Ellen Hebblethwaite; Treasurer, Frances Holmes.  A planning committee was also appointed to make up a program of hikes for the summer.
   "On May 7th, sixteen hikers in two groups climbed up toward Appalachian Gap.  One group hiked in the Molly Stark Mt., Baby Stark, and Beaver Meadow area, and the second group followed the Long Trail south.  The day was crisp, clear, and warm when in the direct sun.  Several pictures were taken.
   "Starting at Lincoln Gap on May 21st, thirteen hikers went in to Battell Shelter and found the going rather rough. (We understand this has been cleaned up.) Three hikers stayed at the shelter and the rest of the party went on to Mt. Abraham.
   "For a pleasant afternoon hike, on June 5th, thirty members came at their own leisure to the top of Mt. Elmore.  Picnic suppers were enjoyed at the State Park picnic grounds.
   "A Mystery Hike to the lower slopes of the east side of Camel's Hump was another June hike enjoyed by the members.  Walking through farm land as well as wooded areas, resting by fast flowing streams, investigating an old farm site, and following old roads all added up to a very pleasant day.
   "In July, eleven members hiked up to the lookout tower on Scragg Mountain.  It was a beautiful, clear day and the ranger pointed out many places of interest we could see from the tower.
   "August 6.  There were only four hikers for this memorable hike up to Jay Peak.  The first part of the hike followed the old Montgomery Center road from the east side to Jay camp.  For the most part, we were ankle deep in mud and three to five feet deep in nettles.  The water at the spring was very scarce and not at all clear.  After lunch at Jay camp, which is a very complete and closed shelter, we hiked along the Long Trail to the Old Camp turn off, where we left our pack while we went up to Jay Peak.  The trail up from the camp was clear, dry, and shady.  Unfortunately, there was more haze on this hike than we had had to date, and we could just barely make out Mt. Mansfield's chin only twenty-five miles south.  Even the immediate valleys were fuzzy.  The hike down to the Old Camp was from 60 to 30 degrees and the lower we descended, the wetter the trail became.  We followed an old logging road from the Old Camp site back to where we left the car.
   "                                                                                  Harlan R. Farnsworth"

LTN XVI 2 May 1956
Barre Section officers are Pauline Calcagni, Eleanor Fraser, Rena Gusmai, and Dorothy Puente.
The Barre Section Annual Meeting was held February 4; attendees includes guests from the Burlington, Killington, and Montpelier Sections.

LTN XVI 3 August 1956
(Montpelier Section report)
   "We started off the year by joining Burlington Section on their Oyster-bake at Taylor Lodge. Four of our members were fortunate enough to locate snow shoes in time for the hike.  A very pleasant time was enjoyed.
   "On March 18th, 8 of us had found snow shoes and so went for a Saturday afternoon hike in the warm Spring sun.  We went along an old wooded road off of the Worcester-Elmore road, for about a mile before turning back.  There were several deep, deer runs and one snow-shoe rabbit track crossing at intervals along the 3-plus foot depth of snow.
   "For our second annual Sugar Party on Saturday, April 7th, nearly 40 members, guests and children collected again at the Sidney Morse Sugar House on the County Road of Montpelier.  The syrup was at its best in spite of the late start this season, and a pleasant afternoon was enjoyed by all.
   "We held election of officers at our 2nd annual meeting on the evening of April 10th.
   "We discussed plans for the immediate future and accepted Burlington's invitation to join them April 22 for an afternoon hike to French Camp.  We also planned a hike up Spruce Mountain near Plainfield on Saturday the 28th. A special meeting will be made in the near future to plan the Spring-Summer schedule.  After the business of the evening, we saw some slides our various members had taken of last season's hikes and then turned the program over to Prof. Roy Buchanan and the Adirondacks.  Needless to say, the evening went all too fast and was most entertaining in both pictures and prose.
   "                                                                               Phyllis Adams Murray"

LTN XVI 4 November 1956
(Montpelier Section report)
   "We started off the summer with a well-attended outing to Allis State Park on Bear Mountain on Sunday, May 20th.  The afternoon was spent in taking short hikes around the area and soaking up the warm sunshine.
   "There were seven adults and four children out in the rain on the 30th of May, but we enjoyed every minute of it.  Due to the weather, we went to Montclair Glen Lodge for our lunch.  We were all fascinated by the beaver dams and the terrace effect on the way back as we first saw the smallest and then looked on down to the biggest.  It was beautiful, with the mist hanging in the air over the water in scattered puffs.  As the rain didn't let up during the afternoon, we didn't try going up onto Camel's Hump.
   "We were represented at the GMC Annual Meeting by four of our members.  Miss Doris Newton reported for our Section and accepted the charter for us.
   "On the Fourth of July three members and a guest enjoyed a quiet holiday in the Bolton Notch area.
   "Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Farnsworth joined the Burlington Section on July 14th and 15th on their overnight to the Adirondacks.  The week end was fine weatherwise, and the whole group got plenty of hiking in, with the men covering fifteen miles to the women's twelve miles.
   "During August, five members went north for a look off Belvidere Mountain.  The Fire Ranger pointed out all of the views including the asbestos operations on Belvidere itself.
   "There were about thirty members and guests at Mad River Glen for our Annual Corn Roast.  Those who went up the new road to the Appalachian Gap found it well graded up to the Gap, but not much work had been done beyond.  The day was very nippy, and the fires cooking the corn and suppers, were very welcome.
   "Three adults and two small girls went up the chair lift to the Octagon of Mt. Mansfield and from there hiked over the South link around the nose and forehead to the Long Trail junction at Butler Lodge.  We dropped down to check in at Butler but came right back up to the Long Trail and followed it south to the Nebraska Notch where we met two of the five members who came up to Taylor from the Lake Mansfield area.  At this point three of us went through the notch and the remaining four went along the Long Trail section and met the others at the Taylor end junction where we then continued on to the Lodge for lunch.  (Sounds rather complicated.)  Mr. and Mrs. Brown from the Burlington Section were there and joined us for lunch.  We then returned home by way of the Lake Mansfield Trail for a round trip of nearly seven miles.
   "                               Montpelier Section's Fall Schedule
"October 6 - Sterling Pond atop Spruce Peak
"October 20 - Camel's Hump for another try for the top
"November 3 - Nichols Ledge
"November 17 - Mt. Roosevelt, up Clark Brook Trail off route 100
   "For the first of December we are to have a pit-luck outing at Wiley Lodge and invite Burlington and Barre Sections to join us as our guests.  Please let us know by the 28th of November that you will be with us so we can have plenty of fixin's.  Contact either by phoning CA 3-.... or dropping a card to: Phyllis A. Murphy ... This could easily turn into an annual affair.
   "Let's have a good turn out for our hikes! Meeting place is as usual, in front of the Kellogg Hubbard Library.  Bring your friends.  Guests are always Welcome.
   "                                                           Phyllis A. Murphy"

1957  LTN  XVII 1 February 1957
David Otis is Outing Chair of the Burlington Section; he was president of the Montpelier Section in 1963.
The M-Section invites the Burlington Section to Beef Stew at Wiley Lodge in November.

LTN XVII 3 August 1957
The Barre and Montpelier Sections submitted reports by letter to the GMC Annual Meeting; the Barre Section reported that there was not much activity. The Montpelier Section report was:
   "The Montpelier Section has tried to plan activities about every other weekend, but we have not had very good attendance.  We entertained the Burlington Section and were entertained by them once.  We have tried to vary our activities between climbs and road walks, with the usual sugar party and corn roast.  Camel's Hump, Belvidere, Clark Brook, and Wiley Lodge attracted the largest crowds.
   "I feel that we should do our share of Trail work, and if a portion of the Trail is assigned to us, I will try to get our able-bodied members together.
   "                                                         Frances E. Holmes, President"

LTN XVII 4 November 1957
The Trustees Meeting noted
   "... The Montpelier Section keeps active with a planned program of hikes."


LTN XVIII 1 February 1958
A letter from Howard and Edith Bloom of Montpelier appears, opposing commercial development of the National Forests, specifically the projected development of the Lincoln Mountain ski area in the Green Mountain NF. Howard Bloom was president of the Montpelier Section in 1958.

LTN XVIII 2 May 1958
The Burlington Section reports that 13 members of the Montpelier Section were guests at their 7th annual Oyster Stew at Taylor Lodge in Nebraska Notch. Dr. and Mrs. Bryant of the Montpelier Section donated brownies and doughnuts; after supper, Dr. Bryant lead group singing.

LTN XVIII 4 November 1958
(Montpelier Section report)
   "We had a good work trip on May 30th, covering the Trail from Smuggler's Notch to Sterling Pond, with five Club members going.  We found the Trail in very good condition, and probably had to cut up and remove  no more than a dozen trees.
   "Our Camel's Hump hike turned out to be quite an affair, even though a dozen people at most came out.  My wife and I went up the Callahan Trail on Saturday, June 14th, and reached the top to find a veritable gale blowing.  It was a beautiful sunny day, but our cheeks and hands turned numb in a very few minutes.  We lost no time in getting back into the shelter of the trees.  The mountain was alive with people that day.  Boy Scouts, families, lone hikes, all kinds of walkers kept appearing up and down the Trail.  It was amusing to see everyone crossing the peak, on their hands and knees in many cases.  We returned that day, but learned later that some friends of the Club had spent the weekend on the mountain, and on Sunday five other Club members had gone up the mountain.
   "Fifteen members attended the corn roast at the Bloom farm in East Calais on Sunday, September 28th.  A bushel of corn was roasted over an open fire.  The corn was then eaten and heartily enjoyed by the group.
   "The Mount Hunger trip had four club members going, but we enjoyed it immensely.  It was a raw, overcast day with all kinds of weather, and when we made the top, the weather changed by the minute, but all the time blowing like mad.  To add to the fun, we discovered a very well marked white-paint blazed trail all the way to the summit.  A real mystery - who did it?  Not our Section.  could it have been the Burlington Section ?  It wasn't there last spring.  No reward, but our thanks to any reader who will let us know.
   "The remaining fall schedule includes a hike October 26th to Nichols Ledge in the Hardwick-Cabot area, and a hike to Wiley Lodge on December 7th.
   "                                                                       Howard Bloom"


LTN XIX 2  May 1959
Ann and David Otis were elected to lead the Burlington Section; David Otis was president of the Montpelier section in 1963.

(Montpelier Section report)
   "Our annual oyster stew party held in conjunction with the Burlington Section was a very successful affair; sixteen of our Section, and twenty-seven Burlingtonians met and had a very pleasant evening.
   "Our annual meeting will take place in Montpelier on April 22nd.
   "                                                                         Howard Bloom"


LTN XX 3 August 1960
(Montpelier Section report)
   "No news is good news.  A look at the Montpelier summer schedule  would indicate that everyone is enjoying the wide variety of activities too much to write.  The movies of Alaska; the trail clearing and shelter repair work; the overnights and the family picnics all sound like fun.  Exploring caves near Bristol and the flower tour of the Alpine flowers on the Presidential Range should be especially interesting.  The rewarding views from Mt. Mansfield and Spruce Mt. are well worth any effort involved and of course should be good preparation for the Intersectional, too."

Section membership for May 1960 is reported as 28. 

LTN XX 4 November 1960
Clyde Smith of the Burlington Section reports discovery of "Cantilever Rock."  He plans a B-Section excursion to open a trail to it.


LTN XXI 2 May 1961
The GMC Bylaws are being changed (effective 1 January 1962) to apportion Trustees to Sections. The apportionment includes 1 for Montpelier, 3 for Burlington, 2 for Members-at-Large, and 1 for the Green Mountain National Forest.

LTN XXI 4 November 1961
Seven Montpelier Section members attended the Intersectional at Echo Lake.


LTN XXII 1 February 1962
   "The Wilderness Act, S.174, was passed by the Senate last summer.  In the House, however, it is expected to meet vigorous opposition from commercial mining, lumbering and livestock interests.
[send letters in support of the legislation to Rep. Wayne Aspinall, Chairman of the House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs.]"

(Montpelier Section report -------- Roioli Schweiker, reporter)
   "Last fall there were trips to Taylor Lodge, to see what it looked like without snow; to Spruce Peak, to see the fall foliage, and to Prospect Rock up near the Lamoille.  Five of us  (in pouring rain) walked from Beaver Meadow over Whiteface Mt. to meet them at the highway.
   "The winter schedule of outings includes Hancock Brook; Oyster Stew at Taylor Lodge; Owl's Head, children invited; Mt. Moosilauke; Moonlight Hike?; Mt. Hunger; Stew Party at Glen Ellen Lodge; Moonlight Hike to Lord's Hill; Mt. Knox and Camel's Hump.

LTN XXII 2  May 1962
At the April 7th Trustees Meeting, Harlan Farnsworth reported from the Montpelier Section that they had joint outings with the Burlington and Sterling Sections to the delight of both groups.  Their full moon snow shoe hike was also popular.

LTN XXII 3  August 1962

(Montpelier Section report)
   "At the G.M.C., Inc. Annual Meeting at Long Trail Lodge Harlan Farnsworth reported on activities of the winter season and introduced the new officers: Wayne Cliff and Marion Gorham.  Harlan also reported on the vandalism at Sterling Lodge.  Upper bunks  and table had been ripped out and burned for firewood, the stove had been smashed, and the insides was a shambles  Section members on a trail-clearing hike cleaned it out the best they could without a broom and on their return from trail clearing found it already occupied by a small group of overnight hikers, who despite the snow on the banks were "enjoying" a swim in Sterling Pond.  The date was May 19.
   "Besides the above, spring activities have included a moonlight snowshoe walk near Plainfield, a short bushwhack up Knox Mountain near Orange, a Sunday afternoon walk along Hancock Brook in the Worcester area, two trips to Tuckerman Ravine on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, our annual pilgrimage to Camel's Hump, and a chicken barbecue at Allis State Park.
   "Plans for the summer include trips to Laraway Mountain, Cantilever Rock, Breadloaf Mountain, Groton Pond, the Intersectional, Mt. Washington in N.H., and Elephant's Head.  Also planned is a lobster and corn cookout at a yet unannounced spot.  Copies of our schedule have been sent to secretaries of all other sections and it is hoped that members vacationing or visiting in this area might join our activities.
   "                                                          Marion Gorham, Reporter"

LTN XXII 4  November 1962
Two Montpelier Section members attended the Intersectional at Stratton Mountain

(Montpelier Section report)
   "On June 30th seven of our members, including myself, enjoyed a very delightful hike up Laraway Mountain near Belvedere Junction.  It was a warm day and we ate our lunch under the coolness of the striking cliffs.  Shortly thereafter, despite the cloudy weather, we marveled at the really remarkable view at such low elevation, 2620 feet, at Laraway Lookout.
   "On July 15th the Section had a Hawaiian steak cookout at Underhill State Park catered by President Wayne Cliff and his wife, Margot.  Almost twenty-five members attended and after the repast the more ambitious ones hiked up to Cantilever Rock.
   "Two of our scheduled summer activities were cancelled and we scheduled nothing during the Intersectional, which several of our members attended.  Some of us who planned to attend were unable to do so and we hope for a larger attendance next year.
   "On the weekend of September 18th we deserted the Green Mountains for the White Mountains and six of our members climbed Mt. Washington; four of us n Saturday via the Amanoosuc Ravine Trail and two o Sunday via the Tuckerman Ravine Trail.  At the Lakes-of-the-Clouds Hut we made ourselves known as G.M.C. members and were informed that another member, Margaret Ponds, had been there a preceding week end.  We also pitched in and helped: shucking corn, making salad and doing dishes.
   "On September 16th we held a corn cookout at Owls Head View in Groton State Forest with twenty-four attending, most of whom took a short walk to the top to enjoy another lovely view at low elevation.
   "On September 22nd two of our members upheld the honor of the Section by hiking to Elephants Head in Smugglers Notch despite the threatening weather, which proved kind to them.  On the way down we met two boys from Montreal, who are frequent users of Sterling Lodge and had stayed there last Christmas with a group.  They took half hour watches during the night to keep the fire going and said at that time there had been no damage to the cabin.  They were hoping to do the same this Christmas and were disappointed to hear that we planned to remove the stove this winter.  They said the new stove does not work as well as the old one.  One of the boys said he would like to work on the trails so we referred him to the main club.
   "Our new schedule will be out this week and we have planned frequent hikes to take advantage of the fall foliage and to get in as much hiking as possible before the deer season.  At one of our executive board meetings we had wondered about the possibility of a composite schedule such as the A.M.C Bulletin.
   "We now have thirty-five paid-up members, which is more than we had last year or any previous year.
      "                                                          Marion Gorham, Reporter"


LTN XXIII 2 May 1963
(Montpelier Section report)
   "Our fall schedule included hikes to Mt. Hunger, Texas Falls, Butler Lodge (an overnight), Scragg Mt., Scrabble Hill, and Mt. Jefferson (White Mountains).
   "Our winter schedule started with a "moonlight" snowshoe hike in Hubbard Park followed by cocoa and slides.  The moon made a very brief appearance.  Several of our members attended the Burlington Section's Oyster Stew Party at Taylor Lodge.  On Lincoln's Birthday we went for a walk on the hill near National Life.  Feb 16th found us in Smuggler's Notch.  On March 3rd we enjoyed a cocoa party at Wiley Lodge.  We had another "moonlight" snowshoe hike on March 10th and again the moon condescended to peek out for a moment.  A beefstew at Glen Ellen Lodge, at which members of the Burlington Section joined us, completed our winter activities.  The Para-Ski Races at Mad River Glen coincided with this last activity an made the day even more interesting.
   "Our spring schedule starts with a sugar-on-snow party April 7th.  Other planned activities are a pot luck stew at Montclair Glen, our annual meeting, a canoe trip, a walk to Nichol's Ledge, a ski trip to Tuckerman Ravine, another trip to the White Mountains, a two or three day hike on the northern section of the Long Trail, our annual pilgrimage to Camel's Hump, and a trail-clearing trip.
   "Our membership is now thirty-nine.  Attendance on our hikes is usually from six to twelve and we often have guests.
   "                                                          Marion Gorham, Reporter"

LTN XXIII 3 August 1963
(Montpelier Section report)
   "Since my last report we have had a sugar-on-snow party at the Joslin Farm in Montpelier on April 7th.  This was a family event and 27 persons attended.  Some of us had never seen a sugar house and boiling sap before, so this was an interesting experience - and it smelled so good.
   "We held our annual meeting on April 24th - a covered dish supper at the Vermont College Student Center - with 23 persons attending.  Our guest speaker was Clyde Smith of the Burlington Section; he entertained with some beautiful slides of the White, Green and Adirondack Mts., and accompanying tales.  New officers were elected: Dave Otis, President; Marion Gorham, Secretary; Harlan Farnsworth, Treasurer.  We ended the year with an all-time high paid-up membership of 39 persons as compared with 25 last year.
   "On April 27 Roioli Schweiker led a canoe trip on the Winooski River.  Two members of the Burlington Section and five members of the Vermont College Outing Club participated.
   "On May 8, Dave Otis led a hike to Nichols Ledge in Cabot where eight of us cooked-out and enjoyed the indescribably beautiful view.  On this hike we found patches of new-fallen snow.
   "On June 8, we held an all day hike and work party led by Harlan Farnsworth.  Ten members participated and we split into two parties, one clearing Elephants Head Trail and one clearing our section of the Long Trail.  We also cleaned Sterling Pond Lodge, which we found in good condition this year.
   "On Sunday, June 23, Dave Morse led a group of ten - predominantly Morses and Otises - to Mt/ Elmore for a picnic supper.
   "Future plans include hiking a section of the Long Trail with the Albany Section of the Adirondack Mt. Club on Sat., July 13 with Dick Babcock leading; an outing at Groton State Park on Sun., July 28, with Ann Otis as leader; an all day hike up Belvidere Mt. on Sat., Aug. 10, Dave Otis leading; our annual pilgrimage to Camel's Hump on Aug. 17, with Don Wallace leading; our annual corn roast this year at Underhill State Park on Sat., Sept. 14, with Ann Otis and myself in charge - we hope the Sterling Section will join us; and on Sept. 21, an overnight to the Pemigewasset Wilderness in the White Mts., Dick Babcock leading.  members of other sections are invited to join any of our activities.
   "                                                          Marion Gorham, Reporter"

LTN XXIII 4 November 1963
Four Montpelier Section members attended the Intersectional at Tamarack Notch Girl Scout Camp.

(Montpelier Section report)
   "Our summer activities included a ten mile hike on July 13, led by Dick Babcock, beginning at the Lake Mansfield Trout Club, going up to Taylor Lodge, through Nebraska Notch, over the Forehead, by the Nose, over the Chin and down into Smuggler's Notch.  We were accompanied by five members of the Adirondack Mt. Club; in fact they outnumbered us.  On July 28 we enjoyed an outing at Groton State Forest beginning with a swim party and ending with a chicken barbecue at Owl's Head; 30 persons attended.  The blueberries were delicious on top of Owl's Head and so was the view.  Ann Otis was in charge of this event.  I think I'd better not mention what happened on Aug. 10th.  On Aug 17th a small group led by Dave Otis climbed Camel's Hump. On Sept 14th we held a corn roast at Underhill State Park and climbed to Cantilever Rock.  We can legitimately call it a corn roast because two of the nineteen persons attending roasted their corn; the rest ate it boiled.  On Sept. 18th we met at Dick Babcock's house to plan our fall schedule, which is as follows:
   "Sat. Sept. 28 - Mt. Lafayette - Leader: Dick Babcock.  Same night - slides at Farnsworths at 8 P.M.
   "Sun. Oct. 13 - Robbins Mt. near Jonesville to hike a new section of the Long Trail - Leader: Don Wallace.
   "Sat. Oct. 26 - Mt. Hunger - a hike and wiener roast - in charge of hike, Dave Otis - in charge of wiener roast, Dave Morse.
   "Sun. Nov. 3 - Berlin Pond - Leader: Dot Babcock.
   "Sat. Nov. 16 - Sterling Pond Lodge - Leader: Harlan Farnsworth.
   "Sat. Dec. 7 - Ritterbush Camp - a chowder party - Leaders: Ann Otis and Marion Gorham.
   "Sun. Jan. 5 - Hardwood Flats - a snowshoe walk - Leader: Frances Holmes.
   "We welcome members of other sections on any of our hikes.  If you happen to be in our area give us a call and join us.  We're all in the phone book.
   "                                                          Marion Gorham, Reporter"


LTN XXIV 4 February 1964
(Montpelier Section report)
   "On Sept. 28th we crossed over the border into New Hampshire for our first hike of the fall season when twelve of our members climbed Mt. Lafayette.  We ascended via the Old Bridle Path Trail, traversed Franconia Ridge Trail and descended via the beautiful Falling Waters Trail.  Dick Babcock led this hike.  That evening we met at the Vermont College Student Center for refreshments and slides.
   "On Oct. 11th Governor Hoff  closed the woods, which were not reopened until Nov. 2nd. This cancelled two of our scheduled hikes.  However, on Nov. 3rd nine of us were back in the woods for a snowy hike in the Berlin area.  The previous weekend it had been warm enough to water ski.
   "On Nov. 16 a rather reluctant leader, Harlan Farnsworth, and three others left Montpelier in the rain for Smuggler's Notch where we found it snowing (just like I said we would).  We drove as far as the Big Spring on the "closed" snow-covered road and hiked to Sterling Pond Lodge via the Long Trail from there.  At the Lodge we popped corn left by some kind soul and enjoyed our lunch.
   "On Dec. 10th six of us led by Dave Otis and myself hiked into Ritterbush Camp where we made corn chowder.  And finally, on Jan. 5th nine of us led by Frances Holmes snowshoed the Hancock Brook Road in Worcester.  Next on our agenda is a new schedule planning meeting.  We are thinking abut a moonlight snowshoe hike, a skating party, a sliding party, a ski party, an overnight and a stew party.  At this point we're full of ideas.  We have yet to work and out them into action.
   "                                                          Marion Gorham, Reporter"

LTN XXIV 2 May 1964
(Montpelier Section report)
   "We had a good winter.
   "On January 25, despite the rain two diehards hiked to Glen Ellen Lodge from the top of the Mad River Glen chair lift.  We had a variety of weather that day; as Dave Otis said, "all nasty." After eating our lunch and perusing the log book at Glen Ellen, we returned to the Mad River Ski Area, soaked to the skin, and descended the Catamount and Palomino ski trails on snowshoes; there were very few skiers that day.  We returned to Montpelier, satisfied that we had upheld the honor of the Club by not canceling the hike.
   "On Tuesday, January 29, nine persons and one dog participated in Jerry Dix's moonlight snowshoe hike in Middlesex.  It was a beautiful night, clear and cold and bright.  Al Eldred had brought his traverse and we rode that part of the way back.  On the way we hit a low-flying owl, but he and we survived.  At Jerry's we enjoyed pizza and slides and nobody got home until after midnight.
   "On February 9, twenty-two of us snowshoed up to Taylor Lodge for an Oyster Stew party.  It was a beautiful day, sunny, clear, and cold but not unpleasant, and the snow was just right for snowshoeing.  We had representatives form the Vermont College Outing Club and the Norwich University Outing Club, plus a group of high-school boys who call themselves Magilla's Gorillas - after a TV program, I'm told.  They formed an advance party, helped us carry supplies, had the fire going when we arrived, and chopped more wood to replace what we used.
   "On February 16, we held a pancake supper at the Desilets' Camp at Groton Pond.  Juelia Desilets was our hostess.  Before supper, we snowshoed through the woods and over the lake for exercise.  Twenty-six persons attended.  Strange how food attracts.
   "On February 26, we held another moonlight snowshoe hike.  This one, in East Montpelier, was led by Put Clayton.  Again, the moon cooperated.  Nine persons participated.  After the hike, Put entertained with cocoa, crackers and cheese, and organ music.
   "On March 7, Frances Holmes led a road walk to Dowsville in Duxbury.  The route was circular on roads not kept open during the winter.  The weather was beautiful, the walk was scenic, and it was thoroughly enjoyable.
   "On the week end of March 14, twelve persons, including representatives from the V.C. Outing Club, and the Burlington Section, took part in an overnight hike to the Adirondacks, led by Dick Babcock who is a member of the ADK as well as the GMC.  The group stayed at Johns Brook Lodge.  Part of the group climbed Giant Mountain, two climbed Lower Wolf Jaws, and others explored the Johns Brook Valley.
   "Our last hike, as of this writing, was on March 21, when five members, led by Dave Otis, snowshoed up to Butler Lodge via the Stevensville Trail.  There we enjoyed our lunch, had a snowball fight, hiked on up the Rock Garden Trail to the Maple Ridge Trail, digressed to climb to the Forehead via the Wampahoofus, and then descended via the Maple Ridge and Frost Trails.
   "Still to go at this writing are a Sugar-on-Snow party April 5; a hike up Mount Elmore on April 19, and our Annual Meeting in May.  Somewhere in between there will have to be a schedule-planning meeting.
   "                                                          Marion Gorham, Reporter"

LTN XXIV 4 November 1964
(Montpelier Section report)
   "My apologies to the Montpelier Section for not getting the news for the August issue in on time due to a misunderstanding but here it is - and  more.  Our last reported hike was to Butler Lodge and the Forehead on March 21 with still-to-go on our spring schedule a sugar-on-snow party, a hike up Mt. Elmore and our Annual meeting.  Well, since then we've had all those activities and many more.  I'm told the sugar-on-snow party with Doris Farnsworth as leader drew 50 people, including Ben Rolston; I was unable to attend.  Seven of us led by Dave Morse climbed Mt. Elmore on April 19 and enjoyed a wiener roast after the climb.  Over 50 people attended our annual meeting and it looks as though we may have to look for bigger quarters next year.  Our paid-up membership is now 45.  Re-elected president at the annual meeting was Dave Otis; treasurer Harlan Farnsworth; and secretary Marion Gorham.  Fred Larson was our speaker, following the covered dish supper.
   "On May 3 twenty-four persons showed up for a mystery hike led by Frances Holmes.  This hike was unscheduled and had no advance publicity except being announced at our annual meeting.  Only two persons participated in our next scheduled trip on May 10 to Tuckerman Ravine; it's a rough climb carrying skis, poles and boots but the experience is worth it - and the skiing was good.
   "On Sunday May 17 twenty-three persons with Ann Otis as leader participated in the short climb to Nichol's Ledge.  Although not much of a hike the view is as good as one could ever hope to see.  On May 25 five of us participated in the work party clearing trail from Smuggler's Notch to Chilcoot Pass and making minor repairs to Sterling Pond Lodge.  We reblazed the Madonna Mountain area where the ski trails cut across or follow the Long Trail.
   "Nine of our members attended the GMC, Inc. Annual Meeting at the Long Trail Lodge on May 30.
   "On Sunday, June 14 five of us hiked the 9.3 mile section of the Long Trail between Jay-Richford and Jay-Montgomery Center highways, which was led by Dave Otis.  On June 27 four persons led by Dave Morse hiked from Ithiel Falls Campground to Prospect Rock and Barrows Camp.
   "Twenty-six enjoyed a chicken barbecue and an afternoon of boating, swimming and water skiing at the Desilets Camp on Groton Pond on Sunday July 12. Juelia Desilets was our hostess and Jerry Dix the chef.
   "On Sunday, July 19 seven of us led by Dick Babcock hiked the Clark Brook Trail from Granville and the Long Trail to Lincoln Gap on a very warm summer day; and Sunday July 26 four of us led by Doris Washburn climbed Mt. Moosilauke in New Hampshire via the steep and scenic Beaver Brook Trail.
   "On Saturday, August 15, a rainy day, three members climbed Mt/ Hunger with Dave Otis and were rewarded after lunch when the clouds rolled away and it became a beautiful day.
   "Over 30 members and guests attended our Corn Roast at Hubbard Park on August 23; Bill Doyle was chairman of that event.
   "Eleven of us attended and enjoyed the Intersectional at Lake Eden the week of August 30.
   "Five hiked the new section of the Long Trail and climbed Robbins Mountain with Dace Otis on September 12.
   "Nine of us climbed Camel's Hump on Saturday, September 26 and two on Sunday, September 27 via the Forestry to the Dean to the Long Trail and down via the Alpine and Callahan Trails.  Our climbing time for the four miles on Saturday was three hours and on Sunday two hours.  We wonder if we set some kind of record on Sunday.
   "Coming up we have a leisurely Sunday afternoon walk in Middlesex Notch on October 11, a trip to New Hampshire to climb Webster and Jackson on October 25, the Adams Apple via the Bear Pond Trail and down the Hell Brook Trail on November 7, Mt. Horrid on November 21, corn chowder at Bolton Lodge on December 5, a mystery moonlight snowshoe hike on December 16, an in-town Sunday afternoon snowshoe hike on January 10, oyster stew at Taylor Lodge on January 16, and on January 30 or 31 depending on the group, a ride up the gondolas at Sugarbush and a hike over to Glen Ellen.  If anybody from any of the other sections would like to join us on any of the hikes just contact Dave Otis or myself and we'll see that you're included.
   "                                                          Marion Gorham, Reporter"


LTN XXV 1 February 1965
On July 17, 1964 205 campers and counselors from Keewaydin Camps (Lake Dunmore, Salisbury Vermont), in 31 groups, performed a 1-day End-to-End hike of the Long Trail.

(Montpelier Section report)
   "Although still small our section is consistently growing.  We now have fifty-three paid-up members as compared with thirty-eight at the time of our annual meeting last April, thirty-seven two years ago, and twenty-five three years ago.  Our hiking attendance has varied from four to twenty-three recently.
   "On October 11 twenty-three persons led by Juelia Desilets enjoyed a Sunday afternoon walk along an old abandoned woods road past numerous beaver dams in Middlesex Notch.
   "On October 25 four of us crossed the border into New Hampshire where we were joined by a fifth to climb Mounts Webster and Jackson.  At that time we found eight to ten inches of snow near the top with knee deep drifts in places.  Dave Morse was our leader.
   "On November 7 eight of us led by our intrepid president, Dave Otis, climbed to the Adam's Apple of Mt. Mansfield via the Bear Pond Trail, ate our lunch at Taft Lodge, where we met a couple from the Sterling Section, and descended via the Hell Brook Trail.
   "On November 21 four of us climbed Mt. Horrid, Cape Lookoff Mountain and White Rocks Mountain in Brandon Gap.  We were joined in the Great Cliff by a lone hiker from Connecticut whose destination was Middlebury Gap.  Harlan Farnsworth led this hike.
   "On December 5 five of us hiked into Bolton Lodge where we feasted on corn chowder.  Incidentally, Lipton's Potato Soup Mix makes an excellent base.  Add water, milk, creamed corn, potatoes, a small can of mushrooms, onion flakes, parsley flakes, butter or margarine, and crumbled bacon.  It's good!
   "On December 16 nine of us led by Frances Holmes participated in a "moonlightless snowshoeless" hike up the Jones Brook Road in Middlesex, which we followed with cocoa, coffee cake and cookies at the Holmeses.
   "Yesterday, January 16, seventeen of us snowshoed for two hours in the wilds of Terrace Street in Montpelier.  Dick, Dot, and Larry Babcock led the hike.  The rest of us were amazed at this "wilderness" right in the center of Montpelier.  Following the hike, Dot served a delicious homemade cheese and tomato chowder (which also contained potatoes, celery, onions and flavoring including mustard), sandwiches, cookies, tea and coffee.  After the meal we enjoyed slides of previous hikes and of the Bryants' cross country trip.
   "At this writing we have two more hikes on our current schedule which we will have had by the time the News is out: Oyster Stew at Taylor Lodge on January 23, and a ride up the gondola at Sugarbush and a hike over to Glen Ellen on January 30 or 32.
   "                                                          Marion Gorham, Reporter"

LTN XXV 2 May 1965
(Montpelier Section report)
   "On January 16th fifteen of us hiked up to Taylor Lodge from the Mt. Mansfield Trout Club for oyster stew prepared by Ann Otis and Doris Washburn.  We started out on snowshoes but found them unnecessary so some of us shed them along the way.  Before feasting, several of us hiked into Nebraska Notch to explore the "cave."  Back at the Lodge it seemed warmed outside than inside and we found our stew cooled before we could eat it.  Nevertheless we enjoyed the outing.
   "On January 27th we met at Dave Otis's to plan a new schedule and our mission was accomplished despite our tendency to digress.  We're a "chatty" group as well as an "eating" group.
   "The following Sunday, six members with Dave Otis as leader, rode the Sagebrush gondola to Lincoln Peak and snowshoed on the Long Trail over to Mount Ellen, eating on the Trail and descending via one of the Glen Ellen ski trails.
   "On Valentine's Day eleven of us with Al Eldred and Jerry Dix as leaders snowshoed in to East Long Pond, dragging an ice cream freezer and provisions on a toboggan. At "This Is It", Al's camp, the men dug the fireplace from under the snow and built a fire while the women made ice cream.  Dave Hine chopped a hole in the ice for water to make coffee and Al Eldred brushed the fireplace grate with balsam before cooking the hot dogs and hamburgs.  Incidentally we heated chocolate sauce for the ice cream.  Dave Otis made the comment that it made it interesting to have a couple of "crackpots" in the Club who would haul in an ice cream freezer to make ice cream in the middle of winter to eat out-of-doors around an open fire.  We agreed.
   "On February 27th Dave Otis and Dave Morse upheld the honor of the Club, which never cancels a hike, when despite icy conditions they climbed Mt/ Mansfield via the Haselton Trail, hiked on up to the Chin, then down to Taft Lodge where they ate lunch, and down the Long Trail to 108 and back to the parking lot.  They were not the same two who hauled in the ice cream freezer.
   "Our next hike was St. Patrick's Day.  Dave Morse was unable to lead it as scheduled so I took over. It was supposed to have been a moonlight hike but it might have been more appropriately called a flash-light hike.  Fourteen of us hiked an unplowed road in Berlin and climbed a small hill to look for the moon.  On our way back we almost caught a glimpse of it.  Refreshments followed per usual.
   "Yesterday, March 28th, nine of us climbed Mt. Hunger.  We reached the area by means of Howard Bloom's Jeep truck which plowed right through the drifts.  We began hiking about 10:15 A.M.  Most of us shod our snowshoes at the rocky summit which we reached about 1:00 P.M. but Dave Otis wore his to the very top.  It was an unusually clear day and we were able to identify various peaks of the White Mountains.  The ski trails at Sugar bush, Glen Ellen, Mad River Glen, Mt. Mansfield and Spruce Peak were easily identifiable.  Camel's Hump was prominent against the skyline as was Vermont's Whiteface.  It was also possible to see Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks beyond through Nebraska Notch.  The view from the 3554 foot Mt. Hunger surpasses that from the 4083 foot Camel's Hump and 4393 foot Mt. Mansfield.  It is less obstructed and affords a wide range of vision.  After eating lunch and enjoying the view we left the summit about 2:30 P.M. and were back to the Jeep by 4:00.  Dave Morse led the hike.
   "On April 11th we have a road walk in Moretown scheduled; our annual meeting is April 23; and on May 2nd we are climbing Worcester Mountain.  All of these will be gone by the time the News is out but copy is due April 1st so the details will appear in the next issue.
   "                                                          Marion Gorham, Reporter"

LTN XXV 3 August 1965
At the Annual Meeting of the GMC, the Montpelier Section reported that membership is on the increase.  Trails were reported in good shape with work planned for trail marking and shelter repairs.

The Green Mountain Parkway reared its head as a proposed Scenic Highway; the idea received much opposition.
Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas concurs.

(Montpelier Section report)
   "Since my last report Frances Holmes led a well-attended Sunday afternoon walk on an old road off the Moretown road between 100 and 100B on April [?]1.  Frances reported that no spring flowers were in evidence at that time but that views of beaver ponds and water falls were enjoyed by the group.
   "On April 23 we held our annual meeting at the East Montpelier Center Grange Hall where the ladies of the community put on an excellent repast.  David P. Morse was elected president; Doris Washburn, secretary and Jerry Dix, treasurer.  Entertainment included a song fest led by Harlan Farnsworth and movies shown by Dave Otis.
   "A climb up Worcester Mountain by a small group of seven on May 8, concluded our winter schedule. Spring flowers were in evidence at the bottom and deep snow in wooded areas near the top.  Dave Otis led this hike.
   "Members met at Dave Morse's home on May 5, to plan a new schedule which begins on Sunday, May 23, with an afternoon walk on a partially abandoned road in Middlesex.  Thirteen members participated in the hike led by myself, pinch hitting for Juelia Desilets.  Highlight of the hike were the apple blossoms in the old orchards along the way.
   "Seven of our members attended the GMC, Inc. Annual Meeting at the Long Trail Lodge on May 29.  Doris Washburn and I manned the registration desk.
   "Saturday, June 5, and Sunday, June 6, were trail clearing days.  On Saturday four members led by Dave Otis cleared and reblazed Elephant's Head Trail and on Sunday, ten members cleared and reblazed the Long Trail from Smuggler's Notch to Chilcoot Pass.  Some additional work is needed on Sterling Pond Lodge and this will be done at a later date.
   "On Sunday, June 20, eight members led by Dick Babcock participated in a 9 1/2 mile hike on a hot humid day up the Hedgehog Brook Trail in North Fayston to the Long Trail.  We ate our lunch on Burnt Rock Mt. and then continued on the trail over the east slope of Ira Allen to Montclair Glen Lodge where we enjoyed "iced" tea and coffee, then on to the Dean Trail and Couching Lion Farm where we had spotted cars.  Mauri Winturri of the Worcester Section joined us on this hike.  He had hiked with Gene Bamforth the previous day.
   "On June 27, nineteen members led by Dave Hine, enjoyed a Sunday afternoon walk of about four miles on an old logging road off the Elmore Road in the Worcester area.
   "We have a family supper cookout at Underhill State Park scheduled for July 11, with hikes to Cantilever Rock and the Chin; an overnight starting at the Lake Mansfield Trout Club to Puffer Lodge and continuing the next day to Bolton Lodge and Skylight Pond Trail to the Long Trail over Breadloaf Mt. and down the Clark Brook Trail on August 8; a blueberry hike up Mt. Hunger on August 21; and a hike up Giant Mt. in New York State on September 12.
   "In conclusion, here's something I came across in a magazine recently: "A pedestrian is a man in danger of his life.  A walker is a man in possession of his soul." (David McCord in "The English Digest.")
   "                                                          Marion Gorham, Reporter"

LTN XXV 4 November 1965
Six adults and one child attended the Intersectional.

(Montpelier Section report)
   "At this writing our summer activities have ended and our fall activities begun.  Seemed like an awfully short summer.
   "Way back July 11 the Bryants, Otises, Wallaces and Warburtons (sounds like an investment firm, doesn't it?) enjoyed a family cookout and hike to Cantilever Rock.  Doris Washburn managed the affair.
   "On July 24 several members (three to be exact) participated in an 11 mile overnight from the Lake Mansfield Trout Club to Bolton Lodge and Route 2.  We lunched at Taylor Lodge and spent the night at Puffer Lodge where we were entertained during the night by porcupines and "fog horns," at least that's what they sounded like.  The next day we lunched at Bolton Lodge.  A swim in Joiner Brook and a race to Route 2 completed the trip.  Dave Norse was our leader.
   "On August 8 we hiked from Middlebury Gap to the Clark Brook Trail and down in the rain.  Originally scheduled as an 8 1/2 mile hike we lengthened it to 13.  We found the Long Trail in this area very overgrown.
   "Young Brad Warburton (assisted by Doris Washburn) substituted for his father as leader of our blueberry hike up (and down) Mt. Hunger on Sunday, August 22.  The reason for the substitution was an addition to the Warburton family.
   "Seven of our section attended the intersectional.  Gene Bamforth, Doris Washburn and I were there for the entire week.  Our president, Dave Morse, was there for the first weekend and our past-president Dave Otis with Ann and Mary Ellen came for the second weekend.  Doris and I covered about 60 miles of the Long Trail during the week.
   "On Sunday, September 12 we ended our summer schedule with a hike in the Adirondacks led by Dick Babcock.  We were joined in New York State by Mauri Winturri and climbed 4627 foot Giant Mountain.  Dave Morse and I also climbed Rocky Peak Ridge, also known as Giant's Wife, since it happened to be there.
   "We held a schedule planning meeting at Juelia Desilets on September 13 and started our fall schedule that very weekend with a corn roast at the Montpelier Fish and Game Picnic Area at Shady Rill. Harlan Farnsworth engineered the affair by borrowing a rig from the Recreation Department and we roasted corn over charcoal in a large concrete mixing tray covered by what looked like a wire gate.
   "On Saturday, September 25 the Burlington Section was surprised to find us on the road ahead of them on the way up Spruce Mountain and walking - they were driving.  However, we shamed them into abandoning their cars.  Our scheduling the hike on the same day was a pleasant coincidence. On top of the mountain we had a pleasant visit with the Rogers family who live there during the fire danger period.  Neil is the ranger and a member of our section.
   "This brings us up to date.  Coming up this weekend is an 11 mile hike from Lincoln Gap to Appalachian which I hope to lead if I can shake a sore throat which is plaguing me.  The remainder of our fall schedule follows: Sunday, Oct. 10 - an afternoon walk from upper Terrace Street to Route 2; Frances Holmes, Leader.  Sunday, Oct. 17 - White Mountains (Liberty) up Falling Waters and down the Flume Slide; Dave Morse, Leader.  Saturday, Oct. 30 - Halloween Mystery Hike - "Marshmallows at Midnight"; Dave Otis, Leader.  Saturday, November 6 - Brandon Gap to Middlebury Gap with chowder at Voter-White Lodge; King Warburton, Leader; Jerry Dix, Cook.  Sunday, Nov. 14 - Smuggler's Notch to the Chin; Dave Otis, Leader.  Saturday, Dec. 4 - Ithiel Falls Campground to Barrows Camp for baked beans and hot dogs; Marion Gorham, Leader; Doris Washburn and Ann Otis, Cooks.  Wednesday, Dec. 8 - Moonlight hike; Dave Norse, Leader.  Join us if you can. We'd like to make our hikes intersectional.
   "                                                          Marion Gorham, Reporter"


LTN XXVI 1 February 1966
The New York Section celebrates its 50th anniversary.
   "The members of the New York Section will celebrate their 50th Anniversary with a gala banquet at the Sterling Forest Gardens in Tuxedo, New York, at 12 noon on Saturday, April 16, 1966.  We would like to invite Green Mt. Club members of other sections, as well as members-at-large to join us as we celebrate a half century of sharing the pleasures of the great outdoors.
   "Reservations, at five dollars each, may be made by sending your check payable to Mrs. Lincoln Lodge, Chairman, 50th Anniversary Committee, 700 Balsam Way, Union, New Jersey 07083.  Mrs. Lodge must have your reservation no later than April 5, 1966.  Driving directions will be sent with acknowledgement of reservations.
   "For the convenience of those coming from a distance, the New York Section's Cam Thendara in the Palisade Interstate Park will be open on Friday, April 15th.  Camp, with a house fee of $1.50 per night, provides beds, blankets and pillows but each must provide own sheets and pillowcase.  Sleeping bags would be more comfortable as 20 of the 47 beds are in the bunk house.  The host plans meals, purchases food, the cost of which is divided among participants, and prepares a work schedule for all to share.  No meal will be planned for Saturday noon.
   "For Camp Thendara accommodations please register by April 1, 1966 with Mrs. Julianna Irelan, 26 Crest Drive South, Cresskill, New Jersey ...stating which night and meals you plan to be at Thendara.  driving directions will be sent with acknowledgement of reservations.

(Montpelier Section report)
   "This is being written after a hard day of skiing (?day of hard skiing) at Mr. Mansfield and a sprained ankle which I hope will not deter me from leading our annual Oyster Stew Hike to Taylor Lodge tomorrow.  However, I figure an ace bandage and a couple of aspirin should take care of it.
   "Since my last report we have had a number of long hikes starting with an 11 1/2 mile hike from Lincoln Gap to Appalachian Gap on Oct. 3. We were surprised and pleased to have Irving and Eric White and a friend, all from the Worcester Section, catch up with us at the upper station of the Sugarbush Gondola where we were eating lunch to escape the cold, wind and mist.  They joined us for the rest of the hike and we made Glen Ellen Lodge just in time to escape a hail storm but weren't that lucky when we were caught in the pouring rain while descending Stark's Wall.
   "We simmered down a bit on Oct. 10 for s short road walk in Berlin led by Frances Holmes, but Oct. 17 found us on a 9 1/2 mile hike in the Franconia Range of the White Mountains.  Dave Morse led us up the scenic Falling Waters Trail past Shining Rock Cliff, a 200 feet high 800 feet long unbroken piece of granite, covered with ice that day so that it really shone.  We ate our lunch on Little Haystack, then continued on the Franconia Ridge and Appalachian Trails over Liberty and Flume Mountains down the Flume Slide Trail - that was an experience!
   "On Halloween night Dave Otis led us on a Mystery Hike to a hill near Taylor Lodge where we built a bonfire, toasted marshmallows, and drank cider while Dave entertained us with an exposition of the historical background of Halloween, gleaned from an encyclopedia.  It was nearly midnight when we doused the fire with snow and headed back to Montpelier.
   "On Nov. 6 we were back on the Long Trail for a 10 mile hike from Brandon Gap to Middlebury Gap.  A second group walked up from Middlebury Gap to join us at Voter-White Lodge for a delicious corn chowder prepared by Juelia Desilets.  King Warburton led the long hike and Dave Morse the short one.  We found Voter-White Lodge and nearby Worth Mountain Lodge both in poor condition.
   "We climbed Mt. Mansfield on Nov. 14 via the Long Trail from Smuggler's Notch to Taft Lodge, where we ate lunch, and continued up the Profanity Trail - me on my hands and knees - to the Chin.  Although it was icy and windy on top it was a clear day and the view was worth the endeavor.  Dave Otis led the way.
   "On Sat. Dec 4 we hiked from Ithiel Falls to Barrows Camp for a baked beans and hot dogs supper.  We were behind schedule all the way that day, if any of you folks from the Sterling Section looked for us, but we made it.  That was a rainy day also.
   "Dec. 7 Dave Morse led a Moonlight Hike  up in his neighborhood followed by refreshments at his house.  On the 19th Frances Holmes led a Sun. afternoon snowshoe hike on the old Elmore Road.  That brings us up to date at the moment.  As aforementioned tomorrow is our annual Oyster Stew Hike to Taylor Lodge.  The rest of our winter schedule follows:  Sat. Jan 22 - Stevensville Brook Trail to Butler Lodge, up Mt. Mansfield, down Frost Trail, with Dave Otis.  Sun. Feb. 2 - Chicken and biscuit supper at the A.A. Desilets camp, Groton Pond, with Juelia Desilets.  Sun. Feb 20 - Camel's Hump or Montclair Glen depending on weather, with Dave Morse.  Weekend Mar. 4 - Weekend trip to Adirondacks with Dick Babcock.  Thurs. Mar. 10 - Moonlight snowshoe hike in East Montpelier followed by slides and refreshments, with Doris Washburn.  Sun. Mar. 20 - Family Ski Party at Glen Ellen Ski Area, with Marion Gorham.  Sun. Mar. 27 - Sugar-on-Snow Party at Joslin Farm in Montpelier with Doris Farnsworth.  Fri. Apr. 15 - Annual Meeting at Old Brick Church Sunday School in East Montpelier with a covered-dish supper; leader Doris Washburn.
   "Join us if you can!
   "                                                          Marion Gorham, Reporter"

LTN XXVI 2 May 1966
Sen. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin introduced S.622 " to facilitate the management, use, and public benefits from the Appalachian Trail"

(Montpelier Section report)
   "My last report ended with a forecast of our Oyster Stew Hike which I was scheduled to lead on January 9th.  I didn't lead it.  A ski injury incapacitated me and ended my skiing and hiking for six weeks.  However, I passed on my recipe to Dave Otis and he took over.  Fourteen persons enjoyed the stew and the hike to Taylor Lodge.
   "On January 22 Dave led a party of four up to Butler Lodge via the Stevensville Brook Trail - after he found it - and up to Needle's Eye.
   "Twenty-five gourmets turned out on February 6th for a chicken and biscuit supper at the A.A.Desilets Camp at Groton Pond.  Doris Washburn and I assisted Juelia Desilets with the supper.  Snowshoeing was enjoyed by those able to snowshoe; I wasn't one of them and it sure seemed strange to hang around the camp while everybody else was hiking.
   "Next on our agenda was a snowshoe hike scheduled for Camel's Hump or Montclair Glen Lodge.  It turned out to be the latter.  Eight participated in the hike which, because of where the group was forced to leave their cars, turned out to be a seven-mile hike.  Dave Morse led the group.
   "An overnight hike to the Adirondacks led by Dick Babcock followed on the weekend of March 4th.  The six participants left Montpelier at 6:00 p.m. on Friday night, arrived in the Adirondacks about 9:00 p.m. and snowshoed to Grace Camp, arriving about midnight.  The following day they climbed Lower Wolf Jaws, returning to the camp again that night and driving back to Montpelier the following day.
   "Our moonlight snowshoe hike on March 10th turned out to be a starlight hike sans snowshoes. Fourteen persons participated in the evening's activities which, in addition to hiking, included tobogganing, sledding, slides and eating.  Doris Washburn served as leader and hostess.
   "On March 20th we changed the site of our Family Ski Party from Glen Ellen to Mt. Mansfield, in order to watch the U.S. Alpine and International Races.  Our party consisted of five skiers and two hikers, and some of us combined both.  We met at the Octagon for lunch.
   "At this writing we have three activities coming up and must plan a new schedule.  We're having a Sugar-on-Snow party on March 27th, a hike up Worcester Mountain on April 3rd, and our Annual Meeting on April 15th.
   "                                                          Marion Gorham, Reporter"

LTN XXVI 3 August 1966
The GMC Annual Meeting was organized by the Montpelier Section, especially Marion Gorham.

Highlighted report: Montpelier needs assistance on roof repairs and toilet facilities.

Seven Montpelier Section members attended the GMC Annual Meeting.

(Montpelier Section report)
   "More than 80 persons attended our Sugar-on-Snow Party at the Joslin Farm on March 27th, and 6 persons climbed Worcester Mountain on April 3rd.  At our Annual Meeting, held April 15th at the Old Brick Church in East Montpelier, a covered-dish supper was enjoyed, our officers were reelected and Fred Larson spoke and showed slides on his far-western trip.  We had a Mystery Hike on April 17th, and the 30th of April found us hiking the Bamforth Ridge Trail and enjoying a Spaghetti Supper at Buchanan Lodge.  May 15th found us at Tuckerman Ravine, and on May 21st after a breakfast cooked and served on the State Picnic Area, we cleared trail from Smuggler's Notch to Sterling Pond Lodge despite hip-deep snow.  We attended the GMC, Inc. Annual Meeting on May 28th, and on June 5th a handful of our members joined the Killington Section at Cantilever Rock.  On June 26th we have scheduled a 10 1/2 mile hike up the Callahan Trail on Camel's Hump to the Long Trail and on to Jonesville.  July events will include a trip to the White Mountains with a hike up Carrigan on the 10th and a Chicken Barbecue at the Desilets Camp at Groton Pond on the 24th.
   "Our late summer-early fall schedule will be planned later this month.  Call Dave Morse at 223-7126, Doris Washburn at 476-4264 or myself at 223-2674 (area code 802), if you would like to join us in any of our activities.
   "                                                          Marion Gorham, Reporter"

LTN XXVI 4 November 1966
(Montpelier Section report)
   "Our summer activities began with a hike up Camel's Hump and on to Jonesville via the Long Trail on June 26th.  The temperature was over 90.  It was a long, hot hike!  Dave Morse was our leader and Dave Otis and I the followers.
   "A somewhat larger group led by Dick Babcock climbed Carrigain in the White Mts. on July 10th, and larger yet was the group which gathered at the Desilets' camp at Groton Pond on July 24th for a chicken barbecue and an afternoon of swimming, boating and water skiing.
   "August 7th found 20 hikers, led by George Brady and Cynthia Mix, hiking up Spruce Mt. in Plainfield to visit forest ranger Neil Rogers and his family.  Actually the hikers arrived in shifts.  On August 21st seven members led by Dave Otis enjoyed a hike on top of Mt. Mansfield (they drove up) hiking the Lake View Trail loop and the Long Trail to the Chin and back.
   "Ten Monpelierites attended the Intersectional.  Gene Bamforth, Doris Washburn and I stayed the entire week.  Although Doris and I packed up and went to her brother's Sunday night, we didn't leave the neighborhood until early Monday morning.  On the way home we hiked the Long Trail from Brandon Gap to Carmel Mt. and down the New Boston Trail to Chittenden or thereabouts.  The road leading to the New Boston Trail was so badly washed out, we could only drive in part way.
   "On Saturday, Sept 10th, eight of us, led my myself, hiked up Scragg Mt. in Waitsfield, and on Sept. 18th the same number, with Dave Morse leading, hiked up Carter Dome in the White Mts. And that completes our activities as of this writing.
   "Scheduled for this weekend is a hike from Appalachian Gap to Burnt Rock Mountain, (which, if all goes well, will complete the Long Trail for me) and also a shorter hike up the Hedgehog Brook Trail to the Long Trail and Burnt Rock.
   "                                                          Marion Gorham, Reporter"


Times Argus report on the Middlesex Notch Nature Trail.

LTN XXVII 1 February 1967
(Montpelier Section report)
Readers will have to excuse a very hastily written bit of news.  Perhaps it will even be too late, but here goes.
   "Beginning with October 2nd, four members assisted me in finishing the Long Trail by hiking from Appalachian Gap to the Hedgehog Brook Trail while four more hiked up the Hedgehog Brook Trail timing it perfectly to meet the rest of us as we approached the intersection.  We all continued up to Burnt Rock Mountain where we celebrated with sherry and cheese and crackers.  It was a beautify day.
   "Then on October 8th, five of us hiked over the Long Trail from Jonesville to Bolton Lodge where we were joined by more of our Section for a bean supper.  Juelia Desilets was in charge.  The weekend of October 14th, we spend in the Adirondacks leaving Montpelier Friday night, hiking to Grace and Winter Camps in the dark, climbing Marcy and Haystack on Saturday, and Big Slide on Sunday.  Dick and Dot Babcock, both 46ers, acted as leaders of this outing.
   "On October 22nd, Frances Holmes led us on a very enjoyable Mystery Walk on an old road in Putnamville, and on October 30th, we climbed Killington via the Juggernaut Trail.  We were impressed by the well kept trails but not by the new L.T. relocation past the garbage dump of the Long Trail Lodge, at least not favorably.
   "On November 13th, we held a trail clearing hike, clearing and blazing that portion of the Trail between Sterling Pond Lodge and Chilcoot Pass.  We eliminated one small section of the Trail which seemed to confuse people so that for the most part the Long Trail follows the Drifter and Chilcoot ski trails over Madonna Mountain.  I should say the ski trails follow the Long Trail since the Long Trail was there first.
   "On November 27th, the Section hiked up Mt. Mansfield via the Haselton Trail but that's one I missed so I don't know any of the details.  On December 11th, we held a Christmas party at my place with 26 in attendance.  It was supposed to be preceded by tobogganing, skiing and snowshoeing but there wasn't any snow.  A few hardy souls went for a walk in the fields but most just enjoyed hot buttered rum, food and conversation.
   "Finally the snow came, and on December 27th, we held a Moonlight Snowshoe Hike over the Barre Country Club ending at Doris Washburn's for refreshments.  Coming up this weekend is our Annual Oyster Stew.
   "And that's all for now, folks.
   "                                                          Marion Gorham, Reporter"

LTN XXVII 2 May 1967
(Montpelier Section report)
   "Spring is here and it seems strange to be recounting January activities in April knowing the material won't be published until May but here goes.
   "On Saturday, January 14, we held our Oyster Stew Hike to Taylor Lodge.  This year we made it an overnight.
   "On Tuesday, January 24, we had a moonlight snowshoe hike in Waterbury and for once the moon cooperated.  Dave Otis led the hike.
   "On Sunday, February 5, we had a Corn Chowder Hike to French Camp, which gave me an opportunity to use my new cross-country skis.  Waxed just right and it was delightful.  Cynthia Mix and George Brady were the hike leaders.  Sunday, February 19, found us at the Desilets' Camp at Groton Pond for a beef stew supper prepared by Dot Babcock.  We hiked up (or down) the lake (some on skis) and back via the old railroad bed.  On Wednesday, February 22, we had another moonlight hike using snowshoes and skis followed by slides and refreshments at Dave Morse's.
   "The weekend of March 10, Dick Babcock led an overnight hike in the Adirondacks.  On March 19 we snowshoed a section of the Bayley-Hazen Military Road in Greensboro with Cynthia and George leading.
   "On April 2, we had our Annual Sugar-on-Snow party, attended by over 40, at the Joslin Farm in Montpelier.  Doris Farnsworth coordinated the affair.  We have a hike and hot dog roast in Allis State Park scheduled for April 9.  Our Annual Meeting is scheduled for April 14.. Dave Otis is leading a hike up Mount Hunger on April 23.  On May 7, we plan to go over to Tuckerman Ravine, and on May 21 we have scheduled a day hike into Skyline Lodge via the Skylight Pond Trail from Ripton and back via the Long Trail to Middlebury Gap.
   "Our section though small is active - and note the amount of eating we do.
   "                                                          Marion Gorham, Reporter"

LTN XXVII 3 August 1967
(Montpelier Section report)
   "Summer has come in with a bang, but these notes go back to April 9, when we hiked up Bear Mt. in Allis State Park in Brookfield, and roasted hot dogs in the fireplace.  April 14 was our Annual Meeting and the following officers were elected:  President, Marion Gorham; Secretary and Reporter, Marion Holmes; Treasurer, David Hine; Trustee, David Otis.  The election was followed with colorful slides shown by Virginia Johnson, a recently returned AFS student, who had been to New Zealand, and John Goller who had traveled in Europe.
   "April 23, a few hardy souls climbed Mt. Hunger and were greeted with a blizzard on top.  May 7, three members plus some boys from the High School ski team spent the day in Tuckerman Ravine where the skiing was fine.  May 21, five members hiked from Middlebury Gap to the Clark Brook Trail and then down to Route 100.  There was still plenty of snow in the woods and the brooks were overflowing.
   "May 27, eleven members attended the Annual Meeting in Castleton and one of our number - Dave Otis - was elected Vice President.
   "June 11 was trail clearing day and six members cleared and blazed the Elephant's Head Trail up to Sterling Pond.  Returning down the Long Trail to Smuggler's Notch they were caught in a severe thunderstorm and postponed further work.  Much work has to be done on Sterling Pond Lodge as the result of winter vandalism.  We plan to build an outhouse there in the near future.
   "June 18, only two showed up for a short woodsy hike on the Eagle Ledge Road in Worcester.  June 25, a canoe trip on the Lamoille River, led by Dick Babcock, attracted nine adults and three boys, who paddled from Johnson to Jeffersonville.  Getting hung up on a stump and caught in the rain were part of the fun.
   "Footnote to the trail clearing:  Two members who went to Sterling to work on the outhouse, June 17, found the cabin nearly as messy as it was when they had cleaned it out the week before.  What's the use?
   "We are now anticipating a day on Mansfield and our annual cook-out at Groton Pond, plus another picnic at Wheeler Mt. in Barton.
   "                                                          Frances Holmes, Reporter"

LTN XXVII 4 November 1967
(Montpelier Section report)
   "Since our last report, we have encountered more foul than fair weather.  July 9 we hiked from the summit of Mansfield to Taylor Lodge and down to Lake Mansfield.  There was fog on the summit, and rain before the day ended.  The Weatherman favored the annual picnic at Groton Pond, where we swam, canoed, water-skied and ATE.  We also had fine weather for a climb up Wheeler Mt. in Barton followed by swimming in Crystal Lake.
   "This mountain offers fine views and plenty of blueberries.  August 19 a group of 8 climbed Camel's Hump to Gorham Lodge in the rain.  They found it already occupied by Boy Scouts.  However, the scouts were cooperative and congenial.  In the morning they came down by the Alpine Trail, picking blueberries as they came.
   "September 9 we had a short hike on some back roads, and were blessed with pleasant weather.  The following day we had scheduled a long hike from Smuggler's Notch to Route 15, and followed through with it in spite of cold wet weather (only 3 brave souls ventured out).  September 16 four members camped at Passaconoway, N.H. and climbed Osceola the following day.  September 24 we scheduled a "foliage hike" to Taylor Lodge.  In spite of rain and little foliage, 8 adults and 3 children took part and enjoyed a spaghetti supper.
   "Future events are: weekend camping trip to the Adirondacks, climbs up Camel's Hump and Jay Peak, combination long-and-short hikes, a moonlight (?) hike and a Christmas party.
   "                                                          Frances Holmes, Reporter"


LTN XXVIII 1 February 1968
(Montpelier Section report)
   "There are two big events since our last report.  First, our President, Marion Gorham, is moving to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where she will head the nursing department of a Community College.  She has held a similar position for four years at Vermont College.  Need I say we'll miss here?  Her term of office will be finished by Doris Washburn, who is also involved in our other piece of news.  She has become our Section's 4th End-to-Ender!  She finished her stint October 28, and 9 of us met her at Parker Camp to celebrate with a baked bean supper prepared by Dave Otis.
   "In September, 8 members went to the Adirondacks for hiking and canoeing - Camping at Lake Harris. October featured the following:  A back-road hike near home; a climb up Camel's Hump; and a double feature made up of Jay Peak and Journey's End.  (Three went this-a-way and two went that-a-way.)  This was the day a plane crashed on Jay, but we didn't see it.  We ended October with the End-to-End celebration.
   "November brought a snowy hike to Sterling Pond, where the cabin was found to be in good shape.  Later in the month a "moonlight" hike to Butler for cider and doughnuts was held, minus the moon, and footing hampered by snow.  December 3rd brought a snowstorm, but, like the postman, we didn't let it keep us from walking up a country road and having a fine afternoon.  Our annual Christmas party was at Marion Gorham's.  By that time the snow was about gone, but the party was fun just the same, and four folks went out for a really moonlight hike.
   "We now look forward to oyster stew at Taylor, a climb up Worcester Mt., another trip to the Adirondacks, and so on until Spring.
   "                                                          Frances Holmes, Reporter"

LTN XXVIII 2 May 1968
(Montpelier Section report)
   "As an experiment, we scheduled a New Year's Eve party, but nobody was interested.   The weather was bitterly cold, anyway.  January 21 we held our oyster stew supper at Taylor Lodge.  Weather was ideal, and 16 were there.  Also in January we held a farewell party for our President, Marion Gorham.  Dick and Dot Babcock were hosts, pictures and food were enjoyed, and Marion was presented with a pack-frame.  A party of 4 climbed Worcester Mountain on snowshoes on another bitter January day.  In February, 8 hikers spent a weekend at the caretaker's camp at Adirondak Loj in the Adirondacks.  They hiked into Indian Pass, and did some climbing.  March 3 saw 8 members out for a short Sunday afternoon hike, ending up at a camp and consuming tomato soup.  Later in March we scheduled a moonlight hike, but, as usual, the moon failed us and we snowshoed for two hours in a steady snowstorm.  On March 24 we planned to have sugar-on-snow at Parker camp on the trail.  However, a spring blizzard caught us, and drifting on the back roads made us decide that discretion was the better part of valor.  We went back to Doris Washburn's in E. Montpelier, and had a party in her kitchen.  There was no dearth of fresh snow!  We have a hike to Bolton Lodge scheduled for April, and then our Annual Meeting.  Considering that the weather has been one of the most severe in many years, we haven't done so badly.
   "                                                          Frances Holmes, Reporter"

Poems and Songs, ready for a party or a hike.

LTN XXVIII 3 August 1968

(Montpelier Section report)
   "April 7 was a lovely spring day, and 10 members took to the trail between Jonesville and Bolton Lodge, finding very little snow.  April 19 was out annual meeting and all principal officers were re-elected: Doris Washburn, President; Frances Holmes, Secretary and David Hine, Treasurer.  April 21 a large number turned out for a Sunday afternoon hike, on an old road in Worcester.  Various members turned back when they felt like it, but some of us penetrated to Eagle Ledge, where we could get a glimpse through to the further side. Spring flowers were just beginning to appear.
   "In May, 15 canoeists had an outing at the Otter Creek, observing many birds, coons, woodchucks, etc.  Also in May a hike up Camel's Hump was substituted for a trip to the Adirondacks because of bad weather.  Six members attended the annual meeting in Proctorsville.  In June, a day of trail clearing was held in the Sterling Pond area.  Work on the cabin will be done later.
   "June 23 an all-day hike was held over Mt. Belvidere and down to Hazen's Notch.  In July we had a climb up Wheeler Mt. in Barton and a picnic at Crystal Lake.  Later in July repair work was done the interior of Sterling Pond Lodge.  A trail blazing party is planned for early August.  July closed with an overnight trip to Jefferson, N.H. and a climb up Jefferson and Adams. (Beautiful weather!)  Future events include blueberrying on a nearby mountain, and mountains near and far to be climbed.
   "                                                          Frances Holmes, Reporter"

LTN XXVIII 4 November 1968

18 Montpelier Section members attended the Intersectional

The New York Section honored their long time member Gene Bamforth

(Montpelier Section report)
   "This has been a busy summer for the Montpelier Section.  We finished the trail work between Madonna and Whiteface, then later in August went blueberrying on Mt. Hunger.  There was plenty of competition for berries and nobody got very many.  In September six members got up early and drove to Gore Mt. in the Northeast Kingdom.  The views were unlimited from the fire tower and the trail not too steep.
   "Our next hike was on a back road and we had an unexpected bonus in being joined by an engineer from Australia who was passing through and asked at the information booth what was going on in the way of hikes.  He had been traveling by bus and intended to explore a few miles of the Long Trail before returning home.  He was a pleasant companion - sixtyish, I should say.
   "September 22, eleven ambitious members went to the Adirondacks, climbed Dix and Hough and made it back the same day.  Finally we finished up September with a hike to Cantilever Rock and/or up the Chin.  Many other hikers were on the Mountain that last Sunday.  The Adirondack buffs have an overnight planned for October and the White Mt. addicts will climb Mt. Hale.
   "                                                          Frances Holmes, Reporter"

Herbert Beckwith asks about joining the Club.


LTN XXIX 1 February 1969

(From the President's Message)
   "Now that the National Trails Bill has passed the Government is starting to move quickly.  They have already put into action a plan to map the entire Appalachian Trail be aerial photography.  The section from the Massachusetts line south to Georgia is well along.  Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont were scheduled to be done first, but early snow prevented this.  Best conditions are when both leaves and snow are gone.  During this relatively short period we must get many 20-foot plastic X's out on the Trail.  Volunteers should contact your section or the Special Projects Committee.
   "                                                                     Robert W. Attenborough, President"

( Montpelier Section report)
  "Six Adirondack enthusiasts camped out at Lake Eaton on a weekend in October.  They explored the lake by canoe and watched a beaver at work.  They next day they canoed on Forked Lake, finding more beaver dams.  All were impressed by a large stand of native White Pine in the Adirondack Forest Preserve.  The weather was beautiful, but it had gone downhill fast since then.  A trip to Mt. Hale in the White Mountains was called off because of weather.  In November two members hiked in the fog from the Jay-Montgomery road to Hazen's Notch.  Later in the month four members visited the Audubon Nature Center in Huntington.  They were so pleased that they want to do it again in better weather when more people will turn out.  December brought a hike to Blue Ridge Mt. near Rutland, weather still not cooperative.  Finally, we scheduled a spaghetti supper at Parker Camp, and wouldn't you know? - It rained!  This was the same day that a party of 22 got benighted in the southern part of the state.  Parker Camp must have a jinx on us, because we tried to have a sugar party there last spring and ran into an awful blizzard.  Both times our President, Doris Washburn came to the rescue by inviting us to her house.  We have some snowshoeing coming up, one trip at least, by moonlight (?).
   "                                                          Frances Holmes, Reporter"

LTN XXIX 2 May 1969

The Montpelier Section is the host for the Intersectional; the Committee consists of
   Dave Otis, Chairman
   Dave Morse, Hike
   Doris Washburn, Program
Seven hikes are scheduled covering the 55 miles of the Long Trail from Lincoln Gap to Smuggler's Notch: Lincoln Gap to Appalachian Gap; to Wind Gap; to Camel's Hump; to Jonesville; to Bolton Lodge; to Taylor Lodge; and to Smuggler's Notch.  Shorter hikes are planned to Scrag Mountain, Spruce Mountain, and exploration of Mt. Mansfield.

(Montpelier Section report)
   "We finally have had one genuine moonlight hike and one where the moon didn't cooperate.  Going back to January 4, four of us joined the Burlington Section in a hike north from Middlebury Gap, circling round to come out by Breadloaf Inn. They reported a very cold day and very deep snow.  A bonfire was built for warmth and cooking of hot-dogs.
   "Later in the month we had oyster stew at Taylor, and cleaned up the cabin which was full of snow because previous hikers had left the window open.  The stove also had to be set on its legs.
   "February brought a climb of Mt. Elmore, on a day which was cloudy but not too cold.  Our moonless hike brought out eleven, and of course we had fun anyway.  In February seven members went to Grace Camp in the Adirondacks for a weekend of snowshoeing.  The pictures they brought back are beautiful.  They said there was less snow there than in Vermont.
   "Our full-moon hike in March was the real thing - bright as day, and cold.  March ninth we climbed Scrag Mountain in Waitsfield, cooked lunch and enjoyed a grand view.  Don Wallace brought his dog along.  We have a hike to Birch Glen Camp in the offing, and an afternoon road walk - if the snow ever goes.
   "Our annual meeting will be too late to get the new officers into the News.  It will be April 18, and we are trying to get Dr. Ora Phelps to speak to us.  The next day we plan for a return visit to the Audubon Center at Huntington.  More camping and canoeing in store for summer, if it ever comes.
   "                                                          Frances Holmes, Reporter"

LTN XXIX 3 August 1969
(Montpelier Section report)
   "In this period of time the events have included winter and summer activities.  From a snowshoe hike with a steak dinner to an overnight camping and canoeing outing.
   "There were two hikes to the Birch Glen Camp for the steak dinner with sugar on snow for dessert.  A short hike up the Beane trail for some but hardier souls snowshoed in up from Appalachian Gap.  The snow was so deep up on top that there were several places where the snow depth was more than the trail blazes. (Hint: Hereafter have only a long-armed painter at work on the blazing!)
   "The verdict of the hikers on an afternoon walk of April 5 in the Middlesex area was that there was "snow enough to last all summer."
   "Dr. Ora Phelps, a naturalist at Adirondack Loj, Heart Lake, New York, was our speaker for the annual meeting held on April 18.  She showed lovely slides of wild flowers that we all would soon be seeing in the woods.  Considerable interest was sparked in our learning what we are looking at!  New officers elected are listed in Who's Who in the Section.
   "The first canoe trip of the season was enjoyed on the fast and high water of the Black River, south of Albany, Vermont, by 12 members in 6 canoes.
   "An all day hike on the Long Trail from Jonesville over Robbins Mountain to Wiley Lodge and return was the first hike of the season without need of snowshoes.  This was May 4.
   "An afternoon at the Audubon Nature Center in Huntington, Vermont, wandering around discovering the first wild flowers was participated in by 7 members of the section.
   "Overnight camping at Maidstone Lake preceded a canoe trip by 14 members down the Connecticut River in what could only be called inclement weather.  Just great, though.
   "The section has spent two Sundays clearing and blazing trail.  The area from Route 15 in Johnson south to Whiteface Mountain has been tended to, as has the Elephant's Head Trail to Sterling Pond Lodge.  We hope to continue the job on the Long Trail north to White Face.  The cabin at Sterling Pond was in excellent condition.  It had last been used by 6 Future Farmers of America from Craftsbury, Vermont, and they surely left it much better than they found it.  It fairly gleamed from picking up and sweeping and every essential supply was carefully there.
   "                                                          Leah Ruth Denton, Reporter"

LTN XXIX 4 November 1969

18 members of the Montpelier Section attended the Intersectional

(Montpelier Section report)
   "The Montpelier Section of the Green Mountain Club camped, canoed, and hiked on the weekend of July 4 on the New Hampshire - Maine border.  Eight adults and 3 children camped on Papoose Pond, canoed on the Saco River and hiked Caribou Mountain.
   "The next hike was attended by the greatest number of the year, 19 persons.  However, the particular bog on Grandview Mountain in Addison that was to be investigated and enjoyed was never found.  It was a rainy, fogged in day, also.
   "Then there followed two out-of-state trips.  The first was enjoyed by 6 members who climbed Mount Hale in New Hampshire and the other one was a hike in the Adirondack Mountains near Heart Lake.
   "More trail clearing was done on September 7 when David Otis worked the area of Smuggler's Notch to Chilcoot Pass.  Doris Washburn, Marion Codling and David Morse worked from Chilcoot Pass north almost to the Whiteface Shelter.
   "On the weekend of September 13 and 14, 3 adults and 3 children camped at Brighton State Park at Island Pond and climbed Bald Mountain in the Town of Westmore.
   "On Saturday afternoon, September 20 there was an afternoon walk on Hampshire Hill in the Worcester area with 5 adults and 2 children on the hike.
   "                                                          Leah Ruth Denton, Reporter"

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