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All images shown here were copied from the archives of the Vermont Historical Society.
LTN vv n is used as an abbreviation for The Long Trail News Volume vv Number n; The Long Trail News is published by The Green Mountain Club.


DSCN0693_1910_GMC_Formed (103417 bytes)   The Green Mountain Club is formed.  Announcement in The Vermonter magazine. (Click on picture to read the announcement.)

DSCN0696_1911_GMC_Purposes (252019 bytes)   An extended report on the Green Mountain Club. 

DSCN0696_1911_GMC_Purposes (252019 bytes)   The Brandon Inn published an early guide to the Long Trail, by Louis J. Paris, Chairman of the State Membership Committee [of the GMC.]  (Does the 1914 date refer to the pamphlet or to the Inn ?) 

 Along This Skyline over the Long Trail, first published in the Burlington Free Press on January 25, is reprinted as a pamphlet.  Follow the links to see it all.

Scott Christiansen notes that the 1926 book "Trails and Summits of the Green Mountains" by Walter Collins O'Kane says on p.29:
"The first guidebook of the [Green Mountain] Club was issued in 1915. It was a reprint of an article that had appeared in the Burlington 'Free Press', 'Along the Skyline Over the Long Trail'. By arrangement with the State Publicity Department, the railroads, hotels, and various persons, sixty eight thousand of the booklets were distributed."
p.31 continues:
"In enlarged guidebook was published. In fact, this was the first real guidebook giving explicit directions for following trails and including three detailed maps."

Some years later O'Kane wrote this 32-page pamphlet which contains a brief history of the Long Trail and many photographs. Click on the map to see the document.

O'Kane also wrote (in 1926) a full-length book, Trails and Summits of the Green Mountains, which contains detailed descriptions of the various segments of the Long Trail. We show the first few pages.

  The first Guide Book to the Long Trail appears; this 2.5 MB PDF shows the entire volume, which includes not only the trail description, but also bylaws and membership lists.

 1922 - 1925
The Green Mountain News (published by the GMC) mentions some early Montpelier sections.
  DSCN0707_1922_MtHunger (310964 bytes)  
1922  A Mt Hunger Section is formed in Montpelier
DSCN0708_1925_Montpelier (291059 bytes)   
1925  A Montpelier Section is mentioned
DSCN0709_1925_Montpelier (216018 bytes)   
1925  A combined Mount Hunger - Montpelier Section

 A brochure published by the Central Vermont Railway invites vacationers to hike the Long Trail. It includes picture stories of the Three Musketeers and of a record ten-day hike of the LT. 

1939     Article on Will Monroe (29 Jan 1939). He did not like Camel's Hump.

1931     Twenty first annual meeting at the Long Trail Lodge in Killington

LTN X 2 May 1950 
Kenneth Kidd as well as his wife and daughter (Kitty) participated in an outing on April 30th to Beaver Meadow Lodge; Kidd was a trip leader for the Montpelier Section in the 1980's.

LTN XII 4 November 1952 
The Barre Section reports a full outing schedule for the year.  The Section leaders are Harris Palmer, Pauline Deep, Winona Norrie, Dick Wescott, Peggy Jones, and Janet Earle.

DSCN0684_Barre_1952 (388713 bytes)   A Barre Section member reminisces

LTN XIV 2 May 1954 
A long article by Ruth H. Frost entitled CLIMBING THE WORCESTER MOUNTAINS IN VERMONT includes directions to Hunger Mountain from Montpelier.

LTN XIV 4 November 1954 reports continued activity by the Barre Section.

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