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Montclair Glen Shelter Privy Mulch Pack-in
Trail Talk description: Pack in bark mulch to Montclair Glen Shelter for the composting privy. Meet and trailhead (Long Trail at Duxbury Road, Jonesville). Bring pack to help carry bagged mulch. This volunteer effort is essential to help the caretakers maintain the privy for the year. Moderate.

The privy at Montclair Glen is of the "composting" variety. Bark and wood chips are mixed with waste and turned regularly. When dry, it becomes compost. The GMC maintains a supply at the Waterbury Center building for use at all the Long Trail composting privies.

To carry up a bundle (of any size) at a time of your convenience, contact Keri at GMC.

Priority TaskTools
18 40-pound loads: for flushing purposes for the seasonPack
214 40-pound loads: to start a digestion run when the weather warms (mid-June?)Pack

Change in plan from 'Bamforth Ridge Shelter Mulch Pack-in'. Change assembly point from from Duxbury Road to Couching Lion, North Duxbury. Bamforth Ridge Shelter is well-stocked with bark mulch and Montclair needs it. Some material must also be packed out. Distance is 0.2 miles shorter. The plan was changed 28 May.

The Actuality

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Participants: 11 section members
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