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Saturday September 29 2018 Camel's Hump via Dean/LT/Monroe Trails by Phyllis Rubenstein

On Saturday, September 29, 2018, 5 of us hiked the lollipop loop to Camel’s Hump from the Couching Lion parking lot. We took the Monroe Trail to the Dean Trail, where we passed the former beaver ponds (now meadows), which the beavers apparently abandoned awhile ago. At Wind Gap, we ascended north along the Long Trail and picked chanterelle mushrooms growing in wet hemlock areas. The views on the summit were spectacular despite the mostly cloudy skies. We were treated to shades of orange, yellow, and green colored leaves below. There were lots of people on the summit; the summit caretaker said he had counted 185 hikers. After a short lunch on the summit, we descended the Monroe Trail to get out of the wind. Before heading back to the parking lot, we took a detour along the Alpine Trail to the site of the airplane downed in 1944. We hiked a total of 8.6 miles on this lovely fall day.
Wing of airplane downed in 1944 (Photo by Phyllis)
(Photo by Phyllis)
Phyllis (Photo by Jacob Snyder.)
Summit Seating! (Photo by Summit Caretaker)
Ascending Above Former Beaver Ponds (Photo by Darryl Smith)
Summit Under Clouds (Photo by Darryl Smith)
Airplane Site (Photo by Darryl Smith)
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