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Saturday July 21 2018 Hike in the Victory Basin Wildlife Management Area by Phyllis Rubenstein

On Saturday, July 21, 2018, a hot, sunny day, 5 of us hiked about 4.5 miles along woods roads, trails, and through a wet land at Victory Bog Basin. We parked one car on Victory Hill and hiked in an easterly direction to the Bog Brook and the former dam site. We enjoyed a lunch break at the former dam site. Two of us went in for a dip in the brisk, crystal clear water. We then hiked to Damon's Crossing, where we had left the second car, on the Bog Trail, which traverses through woods and wetlands. The second half of the woods road was quite overgrown, as was the Bog Trail, which was also wet in spots. Although we didn't see any beavers in the wetlands, we saw evidence of their work and their paths. We identified trees such as spruce, balsam fir, cedar, and larch/ tamarack, and flowers such as pyrola, Turk's cap lily, Joe-Pye weed, red baneberry, fireweed, Canada lily, and bunchberry. We heard red-eyed vireos and black-throated blue warblers. There is a lot to explore!
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Victory Bog Basin (Photo by Chad Wohlers)
Dam at Victory Bog (Photo by Chad Wohlers)
Canada Lily (Photo by Chad Wohlers)
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