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Monday June 25 2018 Paddle on Wrightsville Reservoir by Phyllis Rubenstein

On Monday, June 25, 2018, in the late afternoon, 8 of us took various detours around a downed tree on Elm Street to get to Wrightsville Reservoir. The day had been very windy, but by the time we got out on the water, the wind had stopped and the skies were partially sunny. We paddled to the northern end of the Reservoir, stopping on an island which was two pools away from the waterfalls. Some of us walked on rocks towards the waterfalls and others swam to the falls. The water was surprisingly warm. The rocks have been beautifully carved the water flow. We saw two pileated woodpecker hatchlings, the stone remains of two former bridges, several beaver, kildeer, and ducks.
Beaver swimming in Wrightsville Reservoir (Photo by Phyllis Rubenstein)
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