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Saturday May 12 2018 Work Hike Bamforth Ridge by Alan Paschell

On a sunny day in May, sixteen able bodied trail workers tromped up the Bamforth Ridge Trail to put the “Big Dig” to rest and complete the reroute of the trail. The reroute was completed and blazed. The old trail was brushed in. The water bars were cleared of leaves and several blowdowns were removed from the trail. The trail is in good shape, but there remain a couple of issues to attend to: There is a blowdown between the Window and Bannister Ledge that can be stepped over, but will require a chain saw to remove. There are puncheon on the access to the shelter that need to be replaced. There are wet areas on the way to the shelter with no visible rock in that area. Corduroy road?

John Page had walked the river road section two weeks ago and said it was in good shape, however there was a wind storm since. I did not have the extra labor needed to walk it that day, but will try to get up myself in the next few weeks.
Difficulty rating: moderate

(Photo by T & S)
(Photo by T & S)
(Photo by T & S)
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