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Saturday September 16, 2017 Mansfield via Hellbrook, Profanity and the Long Trail by Phyllis Rubenstein

Five of us hiked about 7.5 miles on Mt. Mansfield on Saturday, September 16, 2017. The weather was perfect - warm but a bit overcast at times. We spotted two cars, leaving one at the trail heads for the Long Trail and the Hell Brook Trail. We ascended on the very challenging Hell Brook Trail, enjoying the many rock scrambles. Thankfully, the trail was dry and the rocks not slippery. At the junction to the former Bear Pond Trail, some of us hiked past Lake of the Clouds, returning there for a lunch break. We then ascended the Adams Apple, where we enjoyed the breathtaking view of the steep wall below the Chin. Before we knew it, we were up the Chin ourselves. The views from the ridge line were spectacular. Some of us traversed the ridge line, turning back before the Visitor's Center. We descended on the Profanity Trail, stopped at Taft Lodge, and finished the descent to Smuggler's Notch Road on the Long Trail.
On the Chin (Photo by Phyllis Rubenstein)
View of the Ridge line (Photo by Phyllis Rubenstein)
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