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Saturday July 29, 2017 Stowe Pinnacle to Mt Hunger via Skyline trail by Steve and Heather Bailey

This was a somewhat strenuous hike, and we had only one participant other than the two leaders - our daughter visiting from Boston. We parked in the upper lot for Stowe Pinnacle, climbed the Pinnacle and then continued up to the Skyline trail, then over to Hunger and down the Waterbury trail. It was only 7.4 miles, but it took us six and a half hours, as much of the trail was slow going. The scenery was beautiful, and the weather was cool and ideal. We finished the day off with a swim in Waterbury reservoir.
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Camel's Hump from Mt Hunger (Photo by Steve and Heather Bailey)
So much green! (Photo by Steve and Heather Bailey)
lots of mud on Skyline trail (Photo by Steve)
(Photo by Steve)
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