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Saturday June 25, 2016 Camel's Hump via Alpine Trial by Phyllis Rubenstein and Charlene Bohl

Five of us started up the Monroe Trail from the Couching Lion Farm on a fine summer day. We turned left on the Alpine Trail South to view the remains of the airplane and continued on to the summit. After a short break, we headed down the Long Trail North to its junction with the Alpine Trail, taking the Alpine Trail up and around back to the junction with the Monroe Trail. There are two places on this section of the Alpine Trail where you can see "The Hump," and from each one we viewed quite a few people (and a few trees) on and below the summit. We finished our giant "lollipop loop" by heading down the Monroe Trail to Couching Lion Farm. We covered 7.8 miles and 3,143 feet. It was a wonderful hike on a beautiful day.
B24 in Alpine Trail (Photo by Phyllis)
Atop Camel's Hump (Photo by Phyllis)
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