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Saturday October 31, 2015 Work Hike Bamforth Ridge by Steve Bailey

We had a great turnout for the hike, 8 GMC members and 6 Champlain College students. Reidun, John and two students moved stones on the east bank of Preston Brook - very impressive. I went up to the shelter with two students. We worked on the .2 mi spur trail and were able to drain a few wet sections. Some sections, however, had water running directly down the trail with no place to drain to. The shelter was in good shape. There were three new bear boxes a short distance from the shelter, probably in response to bear sightings further south on the LT. The remaining seven people (George, Alan, Morgan, Andrew, Ian (new member) and two students) cleared the trail up to the Duxbury window. The trail looked in excellent shape as we came down, especially the big dig. All in all, it was a good day!

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One of the new bear boxes (Photo by Steve Bailey)
Gabe, Kevin, John with finished steps (Photo by Reidun Nuquist)
Kevin and Gabe moving a big rock (Photo by Reidun Nuquist)
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