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Saturday September 26, 2015 Norton Pond Paddle by Cynthia Martin and George Longenecker

It was a good day for birds. Seven kayakers paddled the calm sparkling water on Norton Pond. We explored sandy beaches, shallow coves, shaded inlets and open water. A bald eagle perched high on a white pine while a pair of loons called warnings below. While we ate lunch on the warm sand, a lone blue heron stalked for its lunch on the opposite shore. Belted kingfishers swooped and Canada geese flew nearby. Even on this late September day, foliage in Warren Gore was barely crimson. We'd recommend Norton Pond for future outings: it's a gem.

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Ready to paddle, Norton Pond (Photo by Cynthia)
Sparkling water (Photo by Cynthia)
Islands (Photo by Cynthia)
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