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Sunday August 16, 2015 Long Trail Hike from Corliss Camp to Route 118 by Jill Aspinall

Being big on "truth in advertising", I listed this hike as unscouted and part of my gradual progression to complete the Long Trail. I have made good progress toward that untimed goal with several hikes so far this season. I am grateful to all who are sharing my unfolding journey or otherwise facilitating.

On this particular occasion, four previous strangers shared the day hiking up the Davis Neighborhood Trail and along the Long Trail north to Route 118. The 11.1 mile hike plus car shuttling gave us plenty of time to share, and the group of an Australian, a Canadian, a physicist and a retired engineer had a delightful day together. Our pace was well balanced allowing pleasant chatter, the sharing of sights and of course easy checks that all were safe and on the right trail. The woods were very quiet, with only occasional bird song and one curious chipmunk.

There were few other hikers, meeting only one until well into the afternoon, and only five all day. Devil's Gulch, a beautiful yet significant collection of jumbled boulders in between two high cliffs was the only technical challenge. Our group ably went through with techniques ranging from adept rock dancing to bum slides: varied elegance yet all effective! The hike rounded out with teasing views of Ritterbush Pond, and an easy descent to Route 118.

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Fun fellow hikers (Photo by Jill)
An easy piece of the Long Trail. It varies! (Photo by David)
Nature's art work. (Photo by David)
From the bottom of Devil's Gulch (Photo by David)
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