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Tuesday August 05, 2014 Poetry Hike by George Plumb

From the announcement:

Washington. Easy-Moderate. 2 hour poetry hike. On private land; crosses hayfields, through woods, high meadows with views from Killington to Mansfield. Half hour of silence. Wear hiking boots and bring at least one poem with a focus on birds.

The poems read were:
George Plumb used, "Lunes for the Loons" by Michael Jarner.
Chuck Clarke used, "The Oven Bird" by Robert Frost.
Katharina Mack used, "When I Am Among The Trees" by Mary Oliver.
Char Clarke used, "Desire" by Myria Paterson.
Diane DesBois used "The Swallow" by Chrisina Georgiana Rosetti and "Did You Ever Hear a Swallow Sing" by Bertha Johnson and several one liners from Lang Elliott who has produced a book and a CD with bird songs.

In the Woods (Photos by Katharina Mack)
Upper Meadow
Sacred Circle
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