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Sunday June 01, 2014 Taylor Lodge and Clara Bow Trail by Ken Hertz

What a beautiful day to be outside on this "real" Memorial Day weekend! Bright blue skies and moderate temperatures.

Our party of eight people (plus one dog) left the parking area at the Lake Mansfield Trout Club at two and reached Taylor Lodge at three. The trail (thanks to adopter David Ellenbogen) was in excellent shape.

From Taylor Lodge we went down the Clara Bow trail, described in the LT Guide as "challenging" and taking 1/3 hr. The adjective was verified; the time was not. It took us an hour to clamber over, across, and under the many boulders of Nebraska Notch.

The naturalists among us were excited to see a few painted trilliums amongst the many blood type; and helped the others see how leaf shape is important in distinguishing between different three-leafed plants, comparing Jack-In-The-Pulpit and Trillium (no Poison Ivy.)

I was happy to see many other parties on the trail, and even a few backpackers.

Drive time: 45 minutes each way.
Time on trail: four hours.

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Rest Break (Photo by Ken Hertz)
Ascending from Nebraska Notch on Clara Bow Trail (Photo by Ken Hertz)
Jack in the Pulpit (Photo by George Longenecker)
White Violet (Photo by George Longenecker)
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