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Saturday April 19, 2014 Walk - Moretown by Manny Garcia

Nine people walked from the portage on Route 100B in Moretown a short distance to the first Hydro Station on the Winooski River. I gave a brief intro about the power history in Central Vermont which included the Hydro operation where we had gathered. We then walked about a mile to what remains of the Hydro Plant in the Lovers Lane area of Moretown. I shared some history and showed pictures of the Hydro Operation at that site while it was producing power. We then walked another mile to the third Hydro Plant where I shared some more history and showed pictures that helped to orient the group as to what they were looking at. We returned to our cars by walking southerly along Route 100B back to the portage.

The weather was cloudy with a drizzle when we started out, but it didn't rain on us and the walk was rather pleasant. On our return trip, some of us saw a beautiful rainbow in the spray from dam overflow at the first Hydro Plant that we visited.

Some of us enjoyed a treat at the Red Hen Bakery after the walk.

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Lovers Lane Hydro -Moretown (Photo by Manny Garcia)
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