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Sunday April 13, 2014 East Montpelier Trails - Road Walk by Ken Hertz

This year's late spring left the trail too soft for our use today, so we walked along adjacent unpaved roads. There are several nice road walks in the area (see map) and the Nuquists and I walked along the purple route. It's 4.8 mile, but with two cars we were able to eliminate a longish section of paved Country Rd.

Along Center Road we passed a fellow collecting return-deposit cans and bottles in advance of Green Up Day, as well as Reidun's friend and co-author (*) Lyn and her husband Ed, who were out for a walk around Sodom Pond.

Did I mention that the weather cooperated? The rain cleared up just in time for our afternoon jaunt. The streams were quite full, from the rain and melting snow. Reidun took several nice photos.

(*)   A Second Walk Through Montpelier, More Buildings to Discover: A Bicentennial Guide; Montpelier Heritage Group 1976.
      Across the Onion: A History of East Montpelier, Vermont, 1781 to 1981; East Montpelier Historical Society, 1983

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Map shows the trail (dashed blue line) and nearby road walks, with mileage. (from Mapquest)
Waterfall in Adamant (Photo by Reidun)
Andrew and Ken on Center Road (Photo by Reidun)
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