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Saturday June 29, 2013 YAC Paddle at Wrightsville Reservoir by Lexi Shear

Four families (five adults and five kids) set out in three canoes from the beach on paddle up the reservoir toward the waterfall. June was a particularly wet and rainy month this year and the water in Wrightsville reservoir was high. All of the usual sights--the old bridge foundation, the grassy islands, and the mud flats--were underwater. We paddled through places where we had never been able to paddle and explore before. Kids traded off using kayaks as we entered the river and cautiously approached the waterfall. We heard it from a long way away, for all the June rainwater was pouring over it. We munched our snacks and turned out boats back toward the beach to consume a picnic lunch as some ominous clouds began to head our way. A splendid end to another fine year of young adventuring!

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(Photo by Lexi Shear)
(Photo by Lexi Shear)
(Photo by Lexi Shear)
(Photo by Lexi Shear)
(Photo by Lexi Shear)
(Photo by Lexi Shear)
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