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Skyline Trail from Worcester to Hunger

Saturday, July 14, 2012

On Saturday, July 14, 2012, 3 of us hiked 11.8 miles from the base of Worcester Mountain, across the Skyline Trail, to the Middlesex side of Hunger Mountain. Another person only had time to ascend Worcester Mountain with us and share the somewhat hazy view. Although we started in the cool of the morning, the day heated up quickly.

The trail from Worcester Mountain to the Ridgeline Trail (which comes up from Stowe Pinnacle) was developed in the late 1990's and still is soft under foot in places. The trail consists of a series of moderately strenuous descents and ascents. We stopped at a vista below an unnamed peak for lunch and then continued to the intersection with the Ridgeline Trail. After that point, the trail is more of a ridge trail, is less strenuous and has more frequent views. The northern (wooded) summit of Hunger, although unmarked, was a welcome landmark. From the rock outcrop just below the northern summit we had our first sighting of other people, who were atop the southern summit of Hunger.

Throughout the hike, we were surprised that many streams and wet spots were bone dry. We heard lovely woods birds, such as ovenbird, white-throated sparrow and thrush and saw moose prints and scat galore and specimens of mystery scat. The hike down Hunger was familiar and comfortable in contrast to the unknown wilderness of the Skyline Trail.

Phyllis Rubenstein, trip leader

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Don't trust the Skyline Trail mileage signs! (Photo by George L.)

Hazy view of the Waterbury Reservoir (Photo by George L.)

George and Steve on Mt. Hunger (Photo by Phyllis R.)

Fearless Leader Phyllis with Steve on Summit of Hunger with Skyline Trail behind us. (Photo by George L.)

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