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November 13, 2011
Road Walk around Caspian Lake

Eight walkers left Greensboro under partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures. The wind seemed brisk standing around, but soon the jackets came off and the conversations were ongoing. I was impressed by the scenery, a mixture of open fields, stands of sugar maples and woods. We were sad as we walked by Highland Lodge and saw the Closed sign. They are not even operating the touring center. Soon we were on North Shore Road and I was promoting a lunch stop which fell on deaf ears. It was nice to be out of the traffic. We ate lunch in a field at Campbells Corner. Here we welcomed a late arrival who had a problem finding her way at a closed bridge. The area is full of history with the Bayley Hazen Road and the old fort. The walk lasted three hours and I believe all had a good time. I need to say that I got on the wrong road leaving Hardwick, and thanks to a detour sign, arrived at the meeting place on time.

Fred Jordan

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