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October 8, 2011
Elephants Head Trail to Sterling Pond

It was a gorgeous fall day to be outside. Eight of us started up the Elephants Head/LT from Route 108. The trail was twisty, interesting and a little difficult. We met a very nice woman from Maryland who was hiking by herself. She asked for directions and ending up joining our group. Later, on a break, we met up with Ed Loewenton who also joined the group. We left the trailhead with eight hikers and had ten in our party when we reached Sterling Pond! Some of the group walked around the pond. We all went down the Sterling Pond Trail, where Ken was waiting for us.

Note to section: avoid the Mountain Road on Columbus Day weekend, for air quality reasons if nothing else. We headed back on Route 100, which was bumper to bumper traffic. There were jokes that we could walk faster than the car but everyone stayed in the car, and eventually we all returned home.

charlene bohl

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