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August 13, 2011
Mt. Carrigain, White Mountains New Hampshire

Mt. Carrigain in the White Mountains of New Hampshire is in the southeast corner of the Pemi Wilderness. With an elevation of 4700 feet, it is an impressive mountain with impressive views. There is an observation tower on the top. When Paul DeLuca was leading hikes up the 400 footers in New Hampshire, he planned this as his final mountain. He wanted to see as many of the 400 footers as he could on a glorious sunny day. It didn't happen then but it happened on August 13, 2011. Four individuals from the Montpelier Section met at the trailhead on the Sawyer River Road. One fished the Sawyer River and the other three climbed the mountain up the Signal Ridge Trail. As we were leaving the trailhead, we heard familiar voices pull into the parking lot. Two friends from LaMoille County had also decided to hike Carrigain. The five of us climbed the mountain. The view was glorious. Our friends from LaMoille County returned via the Carrigain Notch and Desolation Ridge Trails. We returned the way we had come up on Signal Ridge. On the way down, we saw a helicopter hovering near the ridge and probably practicing for lowering cargo down to the ground. If you are considering climbing 1 4000 footer in NH, I would recommend Mt. Carrigain highly.

Charlene Bohl

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