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July 30, 2011
Skyline Trail

Seven of us hiked up to Stowe Pinnacle, a large bump on the side of Hogback mountain, and continued up the Hogback Trail until we intersected with the Skyline Trail. We turned right on the Skyline Trail toward Mt. Hunger. Although the weather was predicted to clear off, it was cloudy when we started. Some people put on another layer for a while. There was no view whatsoever from Stowe Pinnacle and it was somewhat foggy as we climbed up Hogback. Usually there are glimpses of a view as you hike the Skyline Trail, but not on July 30 in the morning. We knew generally where we were but couldn't judge how far we were from Hunger. It was a group of strong hikers though and we made it to Hunger more quickly that I would have thought. It was still socked in from the top of Mt. Hunger. It was somewhat surreal to be on top of Hunger in the fog. We were the only ones there! It cleared up and became sunny when we were halfway down Hunger, and the hordes starting coming up the Waterbury Trail.

Charlene Bohl

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