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October 3, 2010
Spruce Mountain in Plainfield

Three people called, and one showed up, for a walk up Spruce Mountain in Plainfield. The morning fog was predicted to clear before noon, so most people decided to wait till later in the day. The parking lot was almost empty when we arrived.

The trail starts as a smooth and gentle road, but becomes more Vermont-like as you proceed. The recent heavy rains left streams high but the trail itself was pretty dry. At one point on the lower trail, it looks like a beaver dam is backing water onto the trail.

The fire tower atop Spruce Mtn is a major attraction. There are indeed 360 degree views from its platform. One couple's dog was excited to go up the steps, but decided that one flight was enough; dog waited there while owners enjoyed the view.

The hike is described in GMC's Day Hikers Guide to Vermont, Volume 2, Fourth Edition (2002) as well as 360 Degrees: A Guide to Vermont's Fire and Observation Towers.

Round trip from MHS took 5 hours.

Ken Hertz

Backup from beaver dam ?

The tower

Distant view of Camels Hump from the tower

Dog waiting

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