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July 31, 2010
Mount Washington

The trip up Huntington Ravine has several stream crossings. We emerged from treeline at the bottom of the steep boulder field below the headwall and climbed "The Fan", which is a very steep section of smooth rock, with relatively few holds. We stopped for lunch at the Alpine Garden cutoff and continued up Huntington Ravine to the Nelson Craig trail, crossing the Cog Railway track to the summit. We rested, refilled water, and dined at the summit house. We descended the Tuckerman Ravine Trail and reached Pinkham Notch at about 7 PM. A long but always rewarding trip.

Paul DeLuca

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Paul, Ed, & Darryl (Photo by Darryl Smith) Original image

Ed on the Fan, despite its reputation, is actually not nearly the most difficult part of the headwall trail. (Photos by Paul DeLuca)

A waterfall cascade down Tuckermans Ravine - how far? Certainly more than 1,000 vertical feet.

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