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May 29, 2010
Smuggler's Notch work hike

Eight of us gathered at MHS at 8:00AM on Saturday, June 26. We carpooled to the picnic area at Smugglers Notch. The party divided there. Eric and John Buddington drove up to the Sterling Pond trail and carried the chainsaw (John) and other gear to deal with reported blowdowns around the shelter. The remainder of the team headed up the LT/Elephant's Head trail to take care of drainage, blowdowns, raking, and trimming. The chainsaw crew found several 6-9" spruces down at the shelter. They were cut up and removed. It had also been reported that the privy door was broken. We repaired and replaced the door. We ran into hikers coming from Chillcoot who said the LT from there south was in good shape with no blowdowns. John and Eric proceeded from the shelter around the pond on the EH trail, finding many blowdowns that were cured with the chainsaw. We then headed down the LT, meeting the rest of the group coming up just below the overlook trail. They continued up, then down the SP trail, John and Eric continued down the LT cutting large blowdowns on the way. All were off the trail by about 3:30. Eric noted that the water bars on the SP trail are nearly filled in. He will contact Dave Hardy to see if the rumor about LTP activity on that stretch is real or not. It was noted that this was the most large blowdowns we had seen in years.

Eric Seidel

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