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May 15, 2010
Bamforth Ridge/LT work hike

Nine participants gathered at the Bamforth Ridge/LT trailhead at 8:45AM on Saturday, May 15, 2010. The weather was partly sunny, breezy, with temps in the 50s. This perfect weather kept the black flies at bay. Each participant picked the appropriate tool and we headed up the trail. There was a reported blown down across the trail about 15 minutes in from the trailhead. I had brought my chainsaw, carried it to the site, and with Ken Hertz helping we cleared a very limby beech from the trail. I then returned the chainsaw to my car and headed up the trail reshaping waterbars as I went. Others were raking leaves out of the water bars and the Great Ditch, throwing limbs off the trail, clipping small brush, and brushing in where the trail had widened to an unacceptable width. Steve Lightholder and Kevin Ryan went ahead to scout out the trail to Bamforth Ridge Shelter and Steve Titcomb (trail adopter) went on to Gorham Spring clipping many small stems leaning into the path.

Steve Lightholder reported a large spruce/fir across the trail above Bannister Ledge, but the trail was passable. He also reported a very large (24-30 inch) white birch across the water source trail at Bamforth Ridge Shelter. Some members left before noon, with others early afternoon. Steve Titcomb and Eric left the trailhead at 4 PM.

Eric Seidel

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Eric at the trailhead

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