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July 25, 2009
Mount Washington- Huntington Ravine Trail

Once again I chose the torturous route up Mount Washington, AKA: the Huntington Ravine trail, which does earn its reputation as the hardest hiking trail in the White Mountains. We two Pauls met in E. Montpelier; who then met 2 new additions to the White Mountain adventurers club; Monique and Phyllis. We met our final addition, Dennis at a pullover before Pinkham, as the parking lot was already full. We got on trail pretty early, which was a good thing. It was hot and humid and slow going. The bottom of the hike starts up the Tuckerman Ravine trail and then branches off to the Huntington Ravine trail.

Just before the Fan, we got separated as there is a shoot that rock climbers use, which appears to be the HR trail, but is not. We eventually congregated and got to the dreaded Fan, the large slope of rock that is nothing but hand and toe holds for a 100+ yards or so. The rainy July made for a wet ledge which you dread as this section is treacherous. We made it without incident (scratched, bloody legs not included). We were concerned; however, about a father and son team we met who were descending this trail. I implored them not to as this is a TRAIL THAT ONE SHOULD NOT DESCEND! I can see why search and rescue teams keep busy. At any rate, dad was the butt of our jokes for the remainder of our trip. He wore a shirt that said Fish Fear Me and Women Love Me along with a full length pair of blue jeans. I think we all agreed that Dad was about as smart and sexy as the rocks we were climbing. We eventually meet them down at the bottom which we were grateful for, as no matter what , you do not want to see anyone get hurt on a trip. We stopped at the Alpine Trail cutoff for rest, food, and water. Upon looking at our watches, we made the right decision to bypass the summit and cut across to the Lions Head Trail and descended. We were down after 7 PM, so the summit probably would have meant headlamps. We enjoyed a good meal in Gorham and headed home.

Paul DeLuca

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"This Ain't gonna be easy" (Photos by Paul Demers) Original image

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