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February 24, 2009
Beaver Meadow Lodge in Morristown

Ski/Snowshoe Snow conditions were perfect for the Montpelier Sections annual chili lunch. Nine skiers and three snowshoers found the fresh powder snow, over a deep snow-base, to be ideal for winter travel. Under a bright blue sky, the surrounding hills and mountains protected us from the days wind on a rather cold day.

Once we were in the cabin with the door closed, the stove, preheated by Fred and John, generated sufficient warmth for us to eat in comfort. While the fire was being laid, Reidun shoveled snow from outside the windows to allow daylight to penetrate inside. There were no complaints about the menu of meat and vegetarian chili, breads and spreads, fruit and vegetables, and cakes and cookies.

Andrew Nuquist

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Kathy G and John B (Photo by Reidun) Original image
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